Our Debt is Paid (#EverydayJesus Link Up)

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Pay Here

Photo via Rosie Rogers @ Flickr

It’s a big moment for the Knobloch family.

After tightening our financial belts for quite sometime, we have now paid off all of our (ok, my) student loans!

Please excuse me while I do a happy dance.

Paying off our student loans was one of our God-sized dreams for 2014. For my years of education through my bachelors and masters degrees, I had taken out A LOT of dinero to pay for, well, everything.

And paying it off 5 years after I graduated with my undergrad and 2.5 years since my masters? Yeah, we are pretty stoked.

Thank. You. Jesus.

But as with most things in my life, this challenging and intense experience of pouring every “extra” penny we had towards our loans got me thinking… about Jesus. [Read more...]

In the See-You-Later Moments (Three-Word Wednesday)

See You Later moments

See You Later moments

As an army wife, I have had my fair share of “see-you-later” moments.

I call those challenging farewell experiences “see-you-later” moments because I despise the word goodbye. “Goodbye” seems so… final.

And if you are a Jesus lover like me, there is no finality to the separation with our fellow Jesus-lovers.

This truth alone gives me strength/courage/hope to get out of bed each day and face whatever challenges God has divinely placed in my path.

Although I sound all macho-rock-star-confident about the see-you-later moments in my life, I wasn’t always like that.

I remember my first “see-you-later” moment with my then-boyfriend-yet-soon-to-be-husband Brandon.

[Read more...]

The Christian Runner’s Creed

Christian Runners Creed

If you have been hanging around 7 Days Time this year, you know that God has calling me to do some pretty outrageous things… At least for this girl who formerly hated running with a passion.

Yes, He has called me to become a runner. This year, by the complete grace, power and strength of Jesus, I have went from a gal who couldn’t run a mile to someone who ran a 10K (6.2 miles) and then also recently completed my first half-marathon (13.1 miles.)

I think I have become a crazy person… If not a crazy person in general, at least one who is more and more crazy about Jesus every single day. [Read more...]

A Walk Through the Parables: The Weeds of Life

Charis & Weeds

A Walk through the parables

I have recently discovered that yard work is somewhat therapeutic for me. That realization alone is kind of a big deal, since during my childhood yard work was one of my most dreaded chores, right up there with cleaning bathrooms.

But now that we are grown-uppish with our “own” home, at least until the army says otherwise, I enjoy watering the grass, dreaming about planting more flowers (when the budget allows) and yes, even weeding the flower garden. [Read more...]

From Unraveling to Reveling (#EverydayJesus)

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


Some days as a minister, mama and wife, I feel like I am unraveling. Falling to pieces. Tearing apart at the seams.


Photo via Quinn Anya@ Flickr

My nerves are shot, I am weary, and my patience was gone with the breakfast tantrum.

In those moments of unraveling is when I need Jesus the most.

Because through Him, His love, His power… He can transform us. We can go from unraveling with frustration to reveling in everything He is doing around us.

Talk about a perspective shifter of heavenly proportions! [Read more...]

A Bathroom Prayer

Hi friends… For the next several weeks, Wednesdays will be dedicated to re-sharing some of my favorite posts. I am so blessed to be working on some “big rocks” and pretty awesome God-sized dreams, but I need time to make that happen. So after much prayer, here we are. I pray you enjoy these words… And thanks for extending me Christ-like grace. Oh. And everything is still business as usual for our Thursday #EverydayJesus link-up, so don’t miss it!


First of all… Kudos that you made it past the title and are still reading.

Secondly, please don’t be scared. We aren’t going to spend time talking about the, uh, things that go on in the bathroom, particularly those things that, um, require “concentration.” (But if we were… it would be ok– because we really have few boundaries here at 7 Days Time. After all, everyone poops. <Did you know there is a book called that to help little kids learn about potty training and stuff? Fun parenting tip. Anywho…>)

This isn’t about what happens in the bathroom. Rather, it is about a sign that hangs in our downstairs guest bathroom.

Just think about it– we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms… bathing, grooming and that “other stuff.” Maybe that’s why when people say they want to remember something, they tape it to their bathroom mirror. [Read more...]

Proper Planning Prevents…

Proper Planning Prevents

Proper Planning PreventsPlanning is a beautiful thing. I learned this many years ago.

It makes life less stressful, brings joy and organization and equips us to be on our “A” game.

And then I married into the military, where plans typically seem “tentative” at best and some days last a max of 33 seconds before they change again.

Not going to lie… This sometimes drives me bonkers. And makes me a little bit twitchy.

We have probably all heard the saying “Proper Planning Prevents Potentially Poor Performance.” (And yes, I changed the 4th “P” word to make it a bit more blog appropriate. But you get my drift.) [Read more...]

A Walk through the Parables: Lost is Found!

Lost and Found - Laura Johns

Photo via Laura Johns @ Flickr

I like to think that I am a gal that has it pretty together. Ish.

I keep my task list nearby.  I make a menu each week to keep things organized (and to make grocery shopping a less-harried experience.) I try to stick to a cleaning schedule to keep our house kind of sort of minimally maintained on weekly basis.

If something is lost, usually I know just where to look. Which is really good news, because finding lost items is not my Beloved husband’s forte. (He is usually the one losing stuff… “Hey lover, have you seen my wallet/phone/keys/etc?) [Read more...]

Loved Before Creation (#EverydayJesus)

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


Have you ever thought about what God did before he created the world?

Maybe He has some cool hobbies we have never heard about. Perhaps He spent lots of time day dreaming. Maybe He played some kind of sport in heaven.

OR… Perhaps He was dreaming and planning and LOVING us before creation. [Read more...]

The Exception (Repost)

What is your first thought when you think of the word “exception?”

Do you think it is something special? Something unattainable? A person, place or thing that is out of the ordinary?

If so, then you would be right. Sorta. Ish.

Webster defines exception as “an instance or case not conforming to the general rule.” That makes sense, right?

But what about being an exception in the world? Or even more so… In our walk with Christ?? [Read more...]