21 Truths: God Saves

God Saves

When my sister and I were growing up, going to the swimming pool was a pretty big deal.

We lived out in the country our entire lives, so it was anywhere from a 10 to 17 mile drive one way to any public pool. Not incredibly far, but far enough when you weren’t old enough to drive.

I remember the first summer we moved to Southeast Kansas. I was about 11.5 ish years old and my sister had just turned 10. Our Grandma Lacey was in town from Missouri, so she agreed (after much begging and cajoling) to take us to the pool for the afternoon.

My sister and I were relatively obedient children, at least to authority figures other than our parents. (Sorry, Mom and Dad.) We know basic rules of all swimming pools: No running (and yes, stiff-legged power walking would result in the lifeguard blowing his whistle at you), no food in the pool, no rough housing. Pretty basic stuff.

We weren’t Olympic swimmer athletes, but we had taken swimming lessons for the majority of our young lives, so we could at least keep ourselves afloat.

My sister and I lined up for the diving board, doing the “Ouch-the-cement-is-so-hot-on-my-feet-hurry-up” dance. We each took our turn jumping into the water. As we swam toward the surface, we were greeted by the dreaded whistle of the lifeguard.

Apparently, this chlorinated establishment had a rule that you couldn’t go off the diving board unless you could swim across the pool. Ok, good to know. We could do that. We jumped in and started our swim. A couple of moments later, I heard the rapid “tweet, tweet” of that lifeguard’s whistle. I turned around and realized she was jumping in the pool– after us.

I was confused. I was relatively certain I wasn’t in any danger. (Sis said later she wasn’t either.) Maybe we just looked like weak swimmers, I don’t know?

Either way, that lifeguard swam with us to the other side and told us we were not allowed to go off the diving board.

Um, yeah. Fun day over. I was mortified. And ticked. Because I didn’t need saving.

Or maybe I did?

God is a lot like that life guard…

God Saves.

God Saves

There are seasons in our lives where we know we need saving. We are drowning and God is the only one who can pull us out. Yet other times might be like that summer swimming experience… we need to be saved, even if we think we have got it all under control.

Today is Good Friday. It’s not Good Friday because of what happened two thousand years ago… It is Good Friday because of the Sunday that happened two thousand years ago.

Good Friday was the day that God made the ultimate commitment to save us at all costs– and that “cost” was the life of His Son Jesus Christ.

Then three days later, His mission to save was brought to life– literally. Christ was raised from the dead.

Dear friends… It is because of this truth, God saves, that we have hope and future. This is not our home. Someday we will be reunited with Him in Glory.

So if you have already embrace Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, enjoy today. Bask in that Truth that God has literally saved your life– and continues to pull you out of the pool when you start to go under.

But maybe you aren’t there yet. Perhaps you are out in the middle of this swimming pool called life, strength failing, arms flailing, lungs gasping for air. There is no better time to seek God’s saving grace than right now.

He will pull you out. He will bring you back from spiritual death. God will save your life.

Because God loves you… He loves me… He loves us all.

And because God saves.

Rejoicing in His Salvation,

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“Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death.” ~Psalms 68:20

21 Truths: God has a Sense of Humor (#EverydayJesus)

God has a sense of humor

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


I love to laugh. It doesn’t matter what kind of laugh– a small chuckle, a loud obnoxious snort, or a stomach-shaking-ribs-hurting-can’t-breath-tears-rolling all out hoot. Love me a good laugh.

Which brings me to this idea of how I ended up in ministry. I would be willing to bet that a majority of people wouldn’t think of “ministry” as a humorous experience. Yes, following Jesus is serious business and there are some pretty heavy situations we are often called to deal with…

But in the midst of it all, I don’t believe God is a fuddy-duddy. He isn’t up there sitting on His Heavenly throne waiting to wreak havoc on our lives.

I think Jesus likes to laugh too.  [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is Absolute

God is absolute

I remember those argumentative moments like they were yesterday.

It didn’t matter what the topic was, it always ended the same. Whether I was 5-years-old begging for a cookie before supper or a teenager asking to stay out late on a school night or even in college asking for who-knows-what, after a barrage of “why’s” or “why nots” from my end, the conversations with my loving parents almost always ended the same:

“BECAUSE I SAID SO!” [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is Peaceful

God is Peaceful

My heart starts to pound. I can feel my blood pressure rising. If you listen really close, I am relatively certain that you can hear the gears whirring at a very high pace within my brain.

Yep, I am getting all wound up about something– again. Just another day in the life of this girl who is constantly seeking His everyday peace.

Le sigh.

Peace is abundantly available in this world, especially from God, but shockingly elusive.

At least for Type A personalities like myself. [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is Strong

God is Strong

I have always been a pretty independent gal and prided myself on being “strong.”

For many people, strong might have several different definitions. Although I have never been athletic, I always tried to  do my fair share of the farm work growing up. Fifty pound feed sack over my shoulder? No big deal. Hoisting a heavy western saddle way over my head to saddle the horse? Not pretty, but I managed.

I always wanted to be the “strong one,” both physically and emotionally.

But it didn’t always work out like that. [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is All-Knowing


The words tumble out of my mouth so fast there is no hope for me to stuff them back in…

“WHAT, in heaven’s name, do you think you are doing?!?!”

It happens all the time. I question those around me when I don’t agree with their choices or decisions.

It is isn’t a matter of needing information– it is a combination of frustration, pride, confusion and a little bit of shock.  [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is Patient (#EverydayJesus)

God is Patient

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


Are you patient? I am not.

Although my patience level has drastically improved since walking with Christ, getting married, learning about this army-wife life and becoming a parent, “patient” still wouldn’t make my top 20 most prominent attributes in my personal description.

I am a gal who likes to get things done and get them done now. The sooner the better– then I can move onto something else.

And if it doesn’t happen quick, fast and in a hurry? I might get a little twitchy. [Read more...]

21 Truths: God’s Plans are Perfect

God's plans are perfect

I know, I know… I’ve said it before.

I am a planner. Sure, it might make me a nerd, but I just love the dreaming and the planning and the envisioning that comes with strategizing to reach a new goal or accomplish a task.

Sometimes my plans involve scribbles on a notebook (with an inky pen, of course.)

Sometimes my plans are written on a white board in the kitchen under the title “Weekly Menu.”

Sometimes my plans are meticulously crafted on a color-coded spreadsheet then taped to the wall for me to see daily for accountability.

I love making plans.

But admittedly, my plans aren’t always perfect. Things happen.

Kids get sick. Ministry emergencies pop up. Husband’s work schedule changes. Hey, even I get sick! <– This last one is one of my least favorite things ever. )

I don’t like it when my plans go awry.

Fortunately, God’s plans never get thrown off. Because that is today’s truth:

God’s Plans are Perfect.

God's plans are perfect

It’s funny that as I write those words, I am forcing myself to embrace them in my heart. Because as I write this, my color-coded workout spreadsheet plans have been totally thrown off for the last week due to some energy-sucking lung clogging cold virus of doom. And my Beloved husband just texted me to say that he will be working overnight– on Easter. Again this year.

Now what was I saying? Oh yeah. God’s plans. They are perfect.

His plans really are perfect, even if they seem to make our lives more difficult or confusing in the moment. But it all boils down to trust. Do I trust God to get me back on my running schedule? Yes. Do I trust God to give me energy to do a couple of days of solo unforeseen parenting over my favorite Jesus holiday? Yes.

Am I happy about it? Not really. But I do trust Him with it. (And don’t worry about me– give me a few minutes to adjust and I will be able to find the good stuff in the middle of these squiggly plans.)

God’s plans trump our plans– every time. Why? Because He is the One with the big-picture blue prints. He knows the reasons behind why we did (or didn’t) get that “dream job” we applied for. He knows the purpose for a season of trial or pain. He holds the truth to an unknown path or question we are currently facing in our lives.

He holds His Plans in His Hands.

And those plans are perfect.

If this truth about God is one that you particularly struggle with, take heart… Because sometimes I struggle with it too (like today. Le sigh.) But I also know that God has proven time and time and time again that His plans are absolutely perfect– His plans are for us to prosper, not to harm us. Even if we can’t see it in the moment. When in your past have you not understood God’s plans until they came to fruition? I would love to hear all about it. Please join the conversation and leave a comment. 

Remember, friends… even if we can’t understand His grand plans today, someday we will… It might be on the other side of heaven’s gates, but we will understand.

So in the meantime, trust Him with His plans– even if they don’t match up to your notebook scribbles or color-coded spreadsheet.

Embracing His Plans,

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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

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21 Truths: God is Always Present

God is Present

As of this moment, we have not yet had any *serious* issues with separation anxiety with our daughter. (Yet is the key word– I am fully aware this can ambush us at any moment.)

Yes, Charis digs the fact that we are her parents (at least that is what I am telling myself– check back with me when she turns 13) but she isn’t stuck like glue to me unless she is afraid or sick.

Unfortunately, she is currently in a season of not loving the dark.  [Read more...]

21 Truths: God Hates Sin

God Hates Sin

Hate is such a strong word.

And I think it is an overused word, kind of like love.

Consider all of the different ways we use these two power-packed words.

I love those shoes. I hate this weather. I love the K-State Wildcats. I hate lima beans. I love Saturdays. I hate people who cut me off in traffic.

I could probably write an entire blog post (or book!) following that love-hate pattern, but you get the point. Love and hate are pretty common words, and pretty over used ones at that.  [Read more...]