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Army of God: “Wilco”

For any of my new readers, I need to bring something to your attention that is vital not only for this post specifically, but for this week and my entire blogging library.

I am a nerd.

Many of you are probably nodding your heads thinking “Uh, duh Sharita.” I personally like to think of myself of somewhat of a sophisticated nerd, but I really do get quite a thrill out of lists, journals, weird numbers concepts/facts. And, as you may have noticed, I love learning new words. Hence the weeklong discussion we have had about Army of God vocab. [Read more…]

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Army of God: “Frago”

“Yeah that sounds great… Do you still want to meet at the mall? <ssrrrrtttpppp> Wait are you there? <psssrrrrrrrrkkkkktttt> Can you hear me? <ttttsssssssffffff> Hello? Hello? HELLO? <beep beep… call dropped.>

Sigh. Just typing that one-sided conversation above raises my blood pressure a bit. But we’ve all be there– we have plans, think we know what is going on, then beep, beep, call dropped. Were our plans staying the same or was our compadre on the other end about to share a new idea with us? OR someone calls very last minute and either cancels or completely changes the game plan. Frustrating, huh? [Read more…]

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Army Of God: “Stuff With Things”

I know, I know… when a person says they have a “favorite” something that usually indicates that they  have only one. HOWEVER… I am writing this blog, so I make the rules. And today is another one of my favorite vocabulary phrases used by the Army (specifically, my husband.)

Stuff with things: The abstract phrase used to describe a plan of action or agenda that is yet undetermined or completely unknown to any or all parties involved. [Read more…]

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Army of God: “AMERICA!”

Today’s army word of the day should come as no surprise to those of you who know me…


Yes, I am an army wife… But I started saying this before I became a wife… I think Brandon got me started on it early during our dating relationship. And here we are, almost three years (seriously?!?) later. I also started saying it before that movie “The Other Guys” with Will Ferrell came out (he says it after he guns the gas petal… it was grand.) [Read more…]

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Army of God: “Voluntold”

When one gets involved with the army, there is A LOT to learn.

It doesn’t matter if you are actually joining the ranks as enlisted or officer, OR you have been called to marry a beloved soldier… There is going to be a learning curve involved.

Early on in our marriage (ok, let’s be honest, it’s still pretty early… we are only 14 months in) I had to stop Brandon every other sentence and have him translate the gobbledygook that he was trying to communicate.  Even now, I have to put the words through a filter in my army wife head to understand them. [Read more…]

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Christ in a Cow Pasture: The REST of the Story…

Seventeen days ago, I had the opportunity to lead my beloved Dad to Christ (In case you missed it, get the whole story here. It’s a pretty awesome recount of God’s love and power!)

So today, in the words of the late Paul Harvey… Here is the REST of the story.

First, a little background: since October of 2008, my Dad has been struggling with his health. Up until that point, he had been in ok physical condition, minus the extremely random heart attack at age 45 when I was a senior in high school (but again, that is another post.) Anyway, on Halloween night 2008, I got a call from my mom that they were taking my Dad to the ER for “nerve issues.” I can’t remember all of the symptoms, but we were concerned. [Read more…]

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The Gloves are Coming off: FIGHT BACK!

“LADIES & GENTLEMEN…(gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen…)

WELCOME…(welcome, welcome, welcome…)

TO THE  FIGHT (Fight, fight, fight…)


I took a boxing class my senior year of college (my 5th year at KSU.) It wasn’t because I aspired to be in the ring, listening to the announcer’s echo of my mad skills as I faced my opponent. Nor did I plan to learn how to properly punch people who annoyed me. I took the boxing class because I was a 5th year senior and it was an excellent alternative to any “real” class I might have to take… like biochemistry. Yeah, no thanks. [Read more…]

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Don’t just say it… LIVE IT!

I am terrible at saying “No.” Anybody out there with me on that one? (If you say “yes” because you can’t say no, then yes, you are in that group…)

Honestly, I have gotten a little bit better at saying no over the years, thanks to the spiritual growth I have experienced. When it comes to big life decisions, I at least usually stop for a breath before I blurt out the word “YES.” And since getting married and becoming an army wife, I think twice about agreeing to excessive commitments that might interfere with the minimal hubby time that could end up on the calendar… [Read more…]

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Seeing… Or Believing… The Light

The temperature had dropped almost to the point where we could see our breath. The sun had set a couple of hours ago, so we bundled up and headed outside. We climbed aboard the bus, snuggled in and prepared to see something amazing.

We were on a girl date.

My lovely friend Sara graciously invited me to be her “date” last weekend to a Christmas party event hosted by her work company. Since her beloved was gone to Ranger school and mine was essentially nonexistent per Basic Training Red Phase Drill Sergeant duties, I was totally up for an adventure. After all, us army wives gotta stick together! [Read more…]

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Happy Dance Celebration

Cue the confetti! Crank up the dancing tunes! Get out the party hats! Release the balloons!

Uh huh, uh huh, uh-huh-uh-huh-UH-HUH!!

Why are we celebrating? A few reasons:

1. God loves me (and you) 🙂 We have a lot to be thankful for! [Read more…]

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