The Victory is Won!

Final Victory Won

We are almost six weeks into 2014.

How’s it going? Are all your hopes and dreams being fulfilled… Or are you struggling a little bit to find your groove?

If that’s the case, then I just wanted to offer you a little bit of encouragement to hang in there and cling to Jesus… Because after all, even though we struggle today, the final victory is already won! [Read more...]

For Days When you want to Quit

green light

We all have them. Believe me, I know it.

Honestly, at the time that I am writing this post, I am having a moment. An episode. A day.

A day that I want to quit.

I want to quit everything. My goals, my relationships, my ministry. But I won’t. [Read more...]

Dive In & Just Keep Swimming

Not quite the high dive described above... but it captures my expression both then AND now when it comes to taking risks.

My heart was pounding. The sun was beating down on the back of my neck. My little feet left wet footprints on the warm concrete. I shivered… from the gentle Kansas breeze or nerves, I couldn’t tell. I approached my target. Breath. Step. Breath. Step. Breath. Step.

The higher I climbed, the harder my heart pounded. I reached the top and peered down to the deep blue water. My Mama was looking up at me, her hands shielding her eyes from the sun, watching my every move. I inched slowly to the end of the board. Then I turned around, heading back towards the ladder. [Read more...]

Faith by the Foot

My foot. Beloved's arm. God is awesome.

Hey you. Yeah… you.

Wanna know a secret? C’mere. Lean in close…

Ready? I have a tattoo. 

Oh. Are you not impressed? Dang. If you knew how much I hated needles, you should be blown away by this statement. But honestly, it isn’t much a of a secret. After all… the foot-tattoo story made it into my engagement pictures, the wedding ceremony and even into a class I was presenting about spiritual gifts a couple of weeks ago. (Glad my boss didn’t fire me for that one.) [Read more...]

The Devil’s Copyright

The Devil's Copyright

I found Satan yesterday.

No, that’s not a typo. You might have figured out I already found Jesus long ago (hence the Christian blog,) but I met Satan head on yesterday. It. Was. Intense.

You might be curious where I ran into this sneaky literal devil. He was in the copy machine at church. [Read more...]