Factor of 7

7 Days Time isn’t just a blog… It’s a ministry.  A ministry of love in action.

Factor of 7 is our Christ-love motivated movement here at 7 Days time. It is a way to multiply God’s love which comes in a variety of forms.  One time He called us to take $107 cash out of our account and show the love  to a stranger at the grocery store by helping to pay for her groceries. Another time we paid for $107 worth of coffee at Starbucks. We do our act of kindness, and ask the beautiful, seed-planting question:

“What’s your first name and how can we pray for you?”

And you know what? No matter what our blessee’s background or beliefs were, we’ve never been rejected. Actually, we’ve been blessed by this experience more than words could convey.


So won’t you join us? Pray for God to make YOU a Factor of 7.  Maybe it will be in person or via an anonymous mailing. Maybe it will be a friend. Or a complete stranger. They might be Christian… or not.  It doesn’t really matter… because you will impact them in more ways than you know, especially with Jesus at the wheel.  Allow the Holy Spirit to move you. Be a fearless factor to love. To give. To move. You WILL change a life.  It will be worth it. We promise.

Start loving people right where you are with all you have. Ask the cashier how you can pray for them. Mow your neighbor’s yard without being asked. Leave an extra big tip at a restaurant. Do it in Christ’s name.  Heaven is the limit… literally.

It doesn’t matter if you are seven or 107. It’s never too late to start living for God.

Need more inspiration? Check out our documented Factor of 7 experiences below. (Quick sidenote: due to the sensitive/confidential nature of some Factor of 7 experiences, we don’t document them all.)

 Joy for Joyce: Little did Joyce know that her weekly grocery shopping trip was going to get a little bit excited… And blessed by Christ.

“Chill” with Jesus: What started out as a typical out to get a sweet treat of frozen yogurt, ended up to be a pretty suh-weet Jesus sneak attack for a few dozen folks.

A Latte Love: Some people can’t live without caffeine. Well, we can’t live without Christ… Read on to see what happened when we took our Factor of 7 to the Fort Benning Starbucks.

A Latte Love from Fort Benning Bayonet: It says in Luke generosity begets generosity. Our previous Factor of 7 at Starbucks got picked up by the local Fort Benning paper. Talk about sharing the love!

Thirst No More: July. In Georgia. (I can hear the pavement sizzling.) My Beloved and I took this Factor of 7 on the road (literally) walking over 7 miles to hand out water bottles along a popular walking trail.

Real Time Warriors for Christ (VLOG): Need a laugh? Check out this video for a few giggles– and some heart inspiration to love right where you are with all you have.

Bravocado, Jesus! : It’s amazing how, even in the middle of our yuck, God brings out His best. This Factor of 7 surprised even us at a local Applebee’s as we left a note (and some moolah) for our waitress.

How Sweet It Is: You know all of those “thankless jobs” that people do all the time? You know, the garbage men, postal workers, gate guard and housing coordinators? We decided to say thanks… and it was more exciting than we could have anticipated.

Planting a Few Seeds of Faith: Jesus is sneaky… In a good, loving, and very surprising way. What started as a trip home to see family turned into a workshop-witnessing-Jesus-loving event for some local teenagers.

Jaw-dropping Jesus Moment: God really showed up in this Factor of 7… In a fun and encouraging experience that inspired our heart on what started out as a “normal” road trip across the country.

A Hopeful Home: What started out as a seemingly normal Friday, turned into a radical Jesus-loving moment when I met James the homeless man and gave him ALL my cash.

James Homeless

Individually, we might not think we can accomplish much. Sure, seven is a prime number but when it multiplies… it becomes a factor.  (See what I did there?) It matters. Your love matters. Remarkable things happen. People experience Christ’s love, no strings attached and God is pleased.

Jesus was a single person. But His influence was so great that it literally changed the world. He changed ETERNITY! He gave us a hope and future. It’s an incredible gift, so now let’s pay it forward. He was THE FACTOR, the prime number-one ruler… Let’s follow in His footsteps and live our lives for Him as a full-blown Factor of 7.

“Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.” –Luke 6:38 (MSG)

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