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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I could use a little bit of inspiration and encouragement… What better way to meet that need (PLUS be a sneak-attack Jesus witness for others) than utilizing some FREE Facebook Cover Photos!  BTW: You can use these pictures anywhere… as a computer/phone background, print it off and hang it on your wall, whatevs… you name it.

How to use these pictures on Facebook (or save them to your device)

1. Click on the Cover Photo you want to use (this will take you to a new page)
2. Right click & hit “Save as.”
3. Name your document and save it to your desktop/device.
4. Log into Facebook, upload it and set it as your cover photo.
5. Enjoy!

Photo Series “I Am…”

The following pics go with the theme “I Am…” when it comes to our relationship with God. For example: I am loved. I am a work in progress. I am blessed. I am a child of God. (You get the picture. #punintended #seewhatIdidthere?)

FB Cover Photo Blessed

FB Cover Photo Child of God

FB Cover Photo Chose

FB Cover Photo Forgiven

FB Cover Photo Free

FB Cover Photo Hopeful

FB Cover Photo Loved

FB Cover Photo Redeemed

FB Cover Photo Safe

FB Cover Photo Work In Progress


“Traveling through the country, passing from one gathering to another, he gave constant encouragement, lifting their spirits and charging them with fresh hope.” ~Acts 20:2 MSG

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  1. Great pictures. I think I shall pick that Love one for my computer screen. 🙂 Happy Monday!!

  2. Thank you for the free cover photos! They are are lovely. I wanted one to spice up my FB page for my blog. These are perfect. Thanks for sharing your gift of creativity with us on the web. May God bless you today as you seek to shine His Light. Jenn, Graceglimmers
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