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Sometimes, I see it coming. I am on my guard, ready. I can smell it in the air and I am face it with open arms.

Other times, it scares the ever-living everything out of me, like when my two-year-old wakes up at 0554, gets right up in my face and instructs me to “WAKE UP!”

It’s change. Something that all of us face at some point in our lives.

And Kristen Strong knows it. So she wrote a book to help us through it. 

ChangeMy review of  Girl Meets Change: Truths to Carry you through Life’s transitions is an easy five stars.

Sure, I am little bit biased because Kristen IS a military wife, AND a midwestern girl. But her book is a tool I will undoubtedly add to my ministry arsenal for personal and friend-loan-out-of-my-library use.

Kristen does a great job using real life examples and stories of women who faced major life change in the realm of marriage, parenting, professional and even in everyday walks of faith. She also seamlessly weaves scriptural stories into her book to back up her wise words with The Word.

I appreciated the book as a whole, but a couple of parts really stuck out to me and encouraged my heart.

As a military wife myself– and a ministry– AND a mom to a toddler– sometimes even the simplest change can throw me for a loop. God has been working on this in me for many years by refining my heart and equipping me with spiritual knowledge.

One area I yearn for yet sometimes struggle is Bible reading. Kristen mentions that knowing His Word is a vital piece of our ability to change with a holy perspective.

But sister… I have a two-year-old. Sometimes a majority of my quiet time is spent threatening my child with a time out for dangling a sticky note over the teeny candle with me in my prayer closet or for writing on the wall with one of my inky pens.

Some days, I get so discouraged with my QT and bible reading. But Kristen shared an analogy I will not soon forget:

“I find it comforting that no matter the season we find ourselves in, our time of soaking up Scripture doesn’t have to resemble any particular model to be good for us. Soaking it up on any level is always best for us. A sit-down quiet time? Awesome. Reading Scripture on your Bible app while in line at Target? Fabulous. It will all seep inside and start to make a difference.” (pg 138) 

Kristen goes on and shares an analogy about her son, James. When he started to eat solid food, like many babies, it seemed as if more got ON him than IN him. But obviously, it was enough to nourish his body–because hey, he wasn’t nickname “Hoss” for nothing. The same is true for our Scripture reading experience. She says that some days, it will feel like it just sloshed off the edge of our brain. But over time, more and more sticks. So we become spiritually strong and equipped.

Which is good news. Because sometimes, my change-esque brain feels pretty sloshy.

This book is a must have for anyone who has faced change, sees a change coming or things change might show back up in the future.

Which really is everybody.

So, I am giving a copy away. Enter below and leave a comment with you answer about how well you deal with change on a scale of 1 to 10…  or not so much.  I will randomly choose a winner when the link up closes next Wednesday night.

Be encouraged by Kristen’s words, dear reader:

“Change is a helper– believe it. Change is a gift– receive it. Change is a restorer. Live it.”

Changed by Christ,

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“I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe.” ~John 14:29

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  1. Change is so interesting isn’t it. I also have a two year old I like that analogy of stuff sloshing around, I’m going to facebook it! So interesting that your word for this year is rest! God has had me take a year off my normal duties or more to the point forced me to, and told me it is a year for rest and rebuilding my foundations in His Word and my Communion Challenge is part of that, which I’m linking up here!
    Lizzy recently posted…Communion and Childbirth; A Testimony – Day 8My Profile

    • So glad you liked that analogy– obviously struck my heart too. And yes, rest is interesting– and the funny thing is, ministry is more busy than ever, but I am learning to spiritually (and sometimes physically) rest in the midst of it all. I feel like that is where Jesus shows up most evidently. Thanks for doing us today, Lizzy!

  2. I enjoy visiting you just because you make me smile through your words. The book looks like one I need to add to my already growing wish list of ‘must have to read’. Thanks for sharing your review of it here.

    Change….. ah.. shouldn’t it be a 4 letter word? I am a mixed bag when it comes to change. I don’t like it when I have not initiated it all the time. When I see it as beneficial, well, I jump in with 2 feet and swim in circles trying to convince others it is worthwhile. ( did you catch the fact that it involves “I” in the subject?) 🙂

    Change is hard. Sometimes it doesn’t feel good, infact, sometimes it just feels down right not good. But the Lord has been teaching me in this journey that He is always GOOD. He is always about being intentionally GOOD in my everything and even when things change, He NEVER does. 🙂 Thankfully!

    Blessings to you,
    Dawn recently posted…Looking for Soul StopsMy Profile

    • There was a season in my life that CHANGE was kind of a 4-letter word. But thanks to this military wife style, God has refined me in a significant way. It is hard, but yes makes me lean on Jesus. Thanks for chiming in, Dawn. Be blessed my sister!

  3. Christie Darling says:

    I personally embrace and love change. That is why this military life has been so enjoyable. I love adventure and learning and seeing new things. I give change a 9! ?

    • YOU. ARE. MY. HERO! And I can see your flexibility as it comes out in our PWOC team this year. I so appreciate that about you, Christie. Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  4. I am sooo not good with change. I’m still struggling with our move up the mountain here – and it’s been 3 1/2 years. I get used to my *comfort zones* – a trait that I think gets more entrenched the older I get! Perhaps I struggle so much because I am looking at the quixotic circumstances of life, rather than fixing my eyes on the One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever…(ya think?!)

    Sharon recently posted…PREP WORKMy Profile

    • I too struggle with change some days, Sharon. In the last half decade I have witnessed great improvement in my heart, but some days I still want to run around the house with my fingers in my ears yelling, “I DON’T LIKE CHANGE!!!” Praying that we both can continue to keep our eyes on the ever-stable One when our circumstances fluctuate. Love you, lady.

  5. Danilynn Black says:

    I have experienced a lot of change in the last 2 years. From the outside most of it wouldn’t seem positive and I wasn’t handling it well at all…maybe a 2. I’m learning God does a way better job planning than I do. Learning to trust Him has me at a 5 or 6 now. All of this change has brought me closer to God. I’m learning (slowly) to see the good in it.

    • I love to witness the growth and transformation in you, Dani! Such a miracle in itself. You are so strong and flexible– and grateful that you run to God. Thanks for sharing URL. Love and blessings to you 🙂

  6. Change. Umm…I’m a solid 5. Once the change happens, I adapt well, but the anticipation of it is bad, to say the least.
    Morgan recently posted…Purpose – Finding a reason to live.My Profile

    • Yes, anticipation is the WORST– often, way worse than the actual change. Right there with ya, girl. And congrats on winning our giveaway! The book will be en route soon.

  7. My husband retires from the Air Force, within a month of him retiring he leaves for work in CA. Talk about change I went from being a married mom of two, to basically a single mom of 2. I homeschool both kids due to my oldest having some learning difficulties and Autism. So yes change is inevitable no matter what, change is the only constant. Its how we handle change, since I grew up in the military change happened every 4 years for us, now change is everyday. How I handle it is the great part, I know change is something I have no control over so I accept it and make it a change we can withstand as a family. I hope this makes sense. It does in my head!!!!!

    • Ah, sweet Tamara! It makes total sense– grateful I get to walk with you in this season and wish I could help weather this change easier for you as well– So appreciate you sharing here. Continuing to pray! Blessings and love, my friend.