God’s Sense of humor: Giant Spiders

The last several months, God had kind of nudge me to take 7 Days Time in a slightly different direction. (I wrote all about it here if you need to catch up.)

And so, in a quest to be obedient, I am trying to be a little less serious (about stuff that doesn’t matter) and a little more light-hearted about all things life.

(Side note: I am still super-dee-duper serious about this Jesus thang. Hence, why it is part of our tag line: “Serious about faith. Light-hearted about life.”)

I’ve been sharing more funny everyday things/thoughts/conversations on Facebook in order to bring some brightness or entertainment in what seems to be a rather serious (and sometimes disheartening) fallen world in which we live. (Are you here yet Jesus? Anytime now, eh?) 

Some of the stuff I find most funny, like equivalent to Jesus Funniest Videos, fondly known as JFV, I try to save for the blog… Not only so I can share it with you, but so I can find it and document it for longer than just a daily Facebook status.

And so today’s funny topic: Giant spiders and the end of times.

Stay with me. Don’t freak out. It really is a good story. Here’s how things went down and reason #783 that I KNOW God has a sense of humor:

A few months ago, after recently moving into our new-to-us house here in North Georgia,  hubs and I were watching “American Bible Challenge” on Netflix… Because that’s how toddler parents celebrating a wedding anniversary party like rockstars on a Sunday night.

Now, I have never really had a problem with spiders. But since moving to this house in GA, we’ve killed more huge wolf spiders than we have in our whole lives. Plus, my heebie-jeebie spider scale was escalated due to me getting bit on the leg by something (likely: spider) a few weeks prior to this event, which resulted in a trip to Urgent Care. (Don’t worry- topical antibiotic fixed it right up.) 

Any who, back to the show… We were watching Netflix, when out of the corner of my eye a huge wolf spider appears near back door and comes sprinting across the floor. Justus the dog saved the day and tackled it… with his mouth.

Fine. Deep breath. Moving on.  Less than an hour later, the scenario repeats itself with ANOTHER nasty and even spider bigger than I want to discuss. After its execution, I was angry. I vent, raging about all things arachnid until husband tells me to calm down. “Let’s finish the show and go to bed,” he says.

Ok. I agree and say to him, QUOTE: “Yes. Let’s watch the show. At least they won’t mention giant spiders. Because those aren’t in the Bible.”

We push play. And immediately, this image comes up on the screen.



Well played, Lord. Well played.


Oh. And that’s just chapter one… The saga continues a few days later when I find THIS on our back step, and caption it on Facebook with the following.


“Oh hey, Satan-in-arachnid-form. So glad you and your two-plus-inch leg span are currently residing on our patio. And the glowing eye reflection is a really nice touch. Not creepy at all,” said this girl never.

Note to self: never walk outside in Georgia barefoot. #HelpMeBabyJesus


My sweet mother-in-law informed me that they actually have bug-killing guns call Bug-A-Salt (get it? Assault.) It apparently exterminates all types of insects by shooting salt at them at a very high speed.

Can anyone guess what my next purchase is going to be?

Readers, if you made it to the end of this post without throwing your phone/computer across the room after viewing these creepy pics, congrats! 500 points. (Too bad the points don’t matter.) But I DO want to know– what scenarios have you experienced that remind you that Jesus has quite the sense of humor? Comment below. I could use a good laugh!

In the meantime… Imma go find my flyswatter. You know, just in case.

Laughing with the Lord,

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“Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” ~Psalm 126:2

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