Because of Jesus: Photo Series #1

A few months ago, while I was up late one night pondering life feeding my newborn (see also: counting the minutes until I could go back to sleep) I had a revelation about this 7 Days Time stuff.

I wanted to do a photo series. And wanted our follower’s to contribute.

It would be called “Because of Jesus…”

So I went to work and asked our Facebook friends and followers to complete the sentence. Man oh man, did you all deliver!

I added a couple of my own and we were able to come up with 100 unique “Because of Jesus” statements.

But then the next challenge: When-oh-when was I going to have time to create these graphics? I wanted to, but seriously thought Jesus was kinda cray-cray as he recently gave us a son, blessed my husband with a rank promotion (aka, longer hours/crazier schedule)  AND told me to start working on my doctorate degree… And now he wanted me to try and do a photo series? When would I sleep?

Then suddenly, I was struck with the idea: Ask for help. 

Seems like kind of a “duh” solution, but one that I have rarely considered.

So I put the call out on Facebook, and within a few hours, I had someone to help me out. (Thank you to Connie Thompson from my home-community in Southeast Kansas for volunteering her time and very impressive photo-editing talents!!)

Thus, here we are. For your viewing pleasure, the first installment of “Because of Jesus” photo series… (And yes, I know they aren’t in numeric order. There’s a reason for that, so all you OCD people like me, just lay that down and give it to Jesus.)


Dear readers: Which one is YOUR favorite? What is your “Because of Jesus…” statement? Please share in the comments below… And you might just get your very own graphic created!

If you are inspired, please feel free to pin or share as you wish.

Praising God… Because of Jesus!!

For Him,



“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”~ John 8:32


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