Life “Tip” (Factor of 7)

It’s been awhile since we have posted a fresh Factor of 7 here at 7 Days Time. We’ve done a few small ones over the last several months, but we wanted to share one of most recent random acts of kindness with you. Because it was fun. And hey, who doesn’t need a little extra holiday cheer and generosity?

A couple of weeks ago, the hubs, kiddo and I went on an impromptu evening out. It was a random Thursday, and honestly, we hadn’t done much “fun” stuff for a while. Mainly because I am getting more pregnant by the day (obviously) and husband recently broke his leg.  So yeah, we’ve been pretty chill. But finally ventured out of the house.

After a riveting experience browsing at Goodwill and Wal-Mart (I know, we are quite the party animals!) we went out for supper at one of our new favorite restaurants in the area… Mama wanted some preggo-safe sushi, so we splurged.

It was a great night. Our 3.5 year old daughter chowed down on her first solo sushi roll, using chopsticks no less. Talk about a proud parenting moment! (I think it ranks right up there with first steps and potty training.)


As the meal progressed, we got to know our waiter, Charles. Somehow, he determined my husband was in the military, stationed here in Dahlonega at the 5th Ranger Training Battalion. Turns out Charles is a cadet student at the University of North Georgia in the ROTC program.

Overall, the evening was a delight and just what our weary hearts needed. As we wrapped up the meal, my husband asked if we could leave a larger-than-normal tip for waiter Charles.

We fortunately had a decent chunk of cash on hand (interesting how that worked out.) So I gathered up the kiddo and we waddled out to the car as my husband left Charles a couple of tips.

The first one was a life “tip” that made me laugh.  On the tip line of the receipt he wrote:

“Try to branch infantry.” 

But the real tip he left was $60, which was a large percentage of our actual bill. He also included a note about faith and Jesus on the back. Very cool moment.

Now, I don’t know how Charles responded– really, I don’t need to know. All I DO know is that God nudged us to bless this guy, and I pray that it did. (I remember how tight money was in college– so I hope it really rocked his world.)


As with all of our Factor of 7 moments, we also hope that you don’t think we are bragging or tooting our own Jesus horns. Really, we do these slightly random (and sometimes crazy) things out of obedience to God… and share our story in hopes that it will inspire or encourage someone else to do the same.

Readers, have you ever done a small act of kindness for the glory of God? We love hearing your stories. Please chime in and leave a comment below.

As I close today, remember these two life tips: If you are looking into joining the military, always try to branch infantry… And always say yes when Jesus impresses something upon your heart. It will be worth it. Every. Single. Time.

For His Glory,

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“In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.” ~2 Corinthians 8:2

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