The National Memorial Day Concert… And How It Changed Me (Army Wife Network)

It’s no secret that army-wife life is full of surprises… the constant changing of the no-plan-plans, PCS’s that end up a little bit backwards, and even just the small day-to-day experiences we encounter. One thing I have learned through the years is that ALL milspouse experiences can change us, usually for the better, be they big or small.

And recently, I had one of those very life-changing experiences: I attended The National Memorial Day Concert in Washington, DC.

The whole experience started out as simply an opportunity to experience the event and share about it with our faithful AWN followers. I knew it was probably going to be pretty cool, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t SUPER excited to go on a fast little trip without my Tiny Humans… And sleep through the night.

However, I got more than I bargained for… In a very powerful and memorable way.

The National Memorial Day Concert, as its name implies, is held on Memorial Day weekend. It is produced and subsequently broadcast by PBS as a tribute to our fallen soldiers and their families.

Now, if I am being completely honest (which I almost always try to do, especially in these blogs) in the past I have tried to kind of steady or even distance my heart from this kind of stuff… Mainly because it is so powerful and as an army wife myself, I don’t like being super vulnerable in public.

But you know what? There was no fighting back the emotion, the immensity and magnitude of what our service members and families have done throughout past decades during my National Memorial Day Concert experience.

Read about the rest of my National Memorial Day Concert experience over at Army Wife Network.

Dear readers, if you ever have the chance to attend The National Memorial Day Concert (or The Capitol Fourth concert held on the 4th of July) GO. Don’t make excuses. Pack your bag and get to stepping. If you can’t attend in person, make plans to tune in and watch it on your local PBS station or streaming live online.

Take my word for it. These service members changed and shaped our country with their sacrifice. Now let the powerful and professional tributes shared at the National Memorial Day Concert change you for the better.

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