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This is the fourth consecutive year that God has called me to choose a “One Word” to focus on for 12 whole months.

And while this word totally makes sense for me, this very well could be the most challenging yet.

In 2012, He called me to TRUST.

2013, I needed to STAND.

Last year in 2014, was all about GROW.

And now, a seasonal culmination of all my One Word journey in 2015: REST.

One Word REST 2015Funny thing about rest. First, I am really terrible at it. Which would make perfect sense why He is calling me to practice– and not just practice it, but live it– for this entire year.

Rest is necessary for spiritual success.

Rest seems to be a logical bookend to my other three One-Word experiences.

Rest intimidates me A LOT.

I thought God was nudging me toward this One Word starting in November of 2014 as I began to pray about this new season. When He placed it on my heart, I fought it. Surely I misunderstood, Lord. What about a word like Joy? Fun? Adventure? Those things I can probably handle. Be Rest? That might as well be a foreign language to me… It likens to my own four-letter word. 

But alas friends, my One Word “Rest” was wholly and solely affirmed during my recent sabbatical weekend with the Lord. And it is sure to challenge every fiber of my being.

Instead of yammering on about what think about this One Word endeavor, why don’t I let God tell you what He thinks about rest in my 2015. Perhaps it will speak to you as deeply as it spoke to me?


My Daughter, 

Thank you for your faithfulness to Me. I see how hard you work and it thrills My heart. Now, I have a new task for you to work at: I want you to rest. 

I know that for some, rest comes easy, second to breathing. It is more of a struggle for you. This does not surprise Me, because remember, I created you this way. However, I now want you to grow in your ability to rest. 

Rest doesn’t mean that you physically stop doing everything. Sometimes rest is a physical act, because occasionally the best thing you can do for Me, your family, your ministry and yourself is to take a nap. Also know, however, that you can be at rest while you do My work. Your spirit can always be at rest, at peace, comforted and basking in My abundant love. 

Take some time to rest. Resting is not a sign of weariness or weakness, but it instead shows the strength to say Yes to Me. Only when you are fully at rest and refrain from striving can you truly experience all I have to offer. You don’t have to constantly live in overdrive. Have the courage to put it in park. 

Resting is a learned response. It must be intentional. When you spiritually rest, think of yourself as the while dove and Me as Noah. I am the one who gives you rest, a place to land when your wings are weary and your heart is tired. Rest is a very good thing. It is so good that it is actually My gift to you. Don’t forget– you were made in My image. If I needed to rest, then so do you. 

Please, My dear one– do not treat this quest to rest as a punishment, chore or something else to “achieve.” That totally defeats the point. Treat it as a blessing, an experience that ultimately aids in fulfilling My purpose for you. 

Rest is necessary for spiritual success. It is a part of spiritual hygiene, just as bathing daily is to your physical self. It provides space to be cleansed, recharged and reconnected with Me in mighty and powerful ways. 

I am not going to leave you to your own devices in this new life chapter to seek rest in your everyday. I will provide opportunities of rest for you. Trust Me. Your role is that when these opportunities arise, you respond in obedience. 

Sweet one, rest and know that I Am God. Rest and I will fight for you. Remember that I enjoy giving rest to the ones I love– and I love you so very much. Gracefully and willingly accept this gift. In the midst of marriage, motherhood and ministry, rest in Me. For Me. With Me. Through Me. 

Remember– when you rest, you shall be blessed. Trust Me to do this work in you. Sit back, relax and rest as I transform your life. 


So– what are your thoughts? Do you have any tips for me to REST as I continue with ministry, motherhood and marriage via finding Jesus in my Everyday? What is your One Word for 2015? Share your response in the comments.

Now if you will excuse me… I am going to schedule this blog and go take a few precious minutes to rest.

Resting in Him,

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“It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don’t you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?” ~Psalm 127:2 MSG

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  1. We’re on different journeys, but they both began 4 years ago with One Word…Trust. What a blessing that God has allowed our paths to cross!
    Laura Rath recently posted…My One Word 2015My Profile

  2. Rest is a good word. I have found that when God gives us a word, we find out that it has many other meanings that He wants to teach us. And many of those lessons can be hard to learn. To me, rest is about physical rest, yes. But I think more of internal rest. Mind rest, emotional rest, spiritual rest. I can sit on the couch for days (I know, I’ve done it), but I am far, far from resting. So, if I was to give any advice (because I’m older and wiser…well, older for sure!), it would be this. Take that physical rest when you can get it, and don’t feel guilty. Young motherhood and ministry and marriage can be exhausting business. And then, I would counsel you (AND me!) to learn how to repose in His arms, trusting in His ways, and knowing our future is secure.

    My word is HEALING. And perhaps, more than anything, I want God to show me how to quiet my mind and stop the incessant chatter of the enemy. I want to be healed by learning HIS rest.

    R elinquishing
    E verything to the
    S avior in
    T rust.

    That is how I spell REST.

    GOD BLESS, dear friend.
    Sharon recently posted…SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A FAKEMy Profile

    • Yes, Sharon, it has been very, very apparent that my OneWord is not just physical rest– certainly part of it, but spiritual rest is VITAL for me. When I am at rest, I don’t worry, strive, or let the stupid junk jack with my heart.

      And thanks for sharing your acrostic here– I am definitely saving it.

  3. The word intentional in God’s letter to you jumped out at me because I’m discovering so much with life requires being intentional. Rest is a good word through. Praying for you on this journey of rest. Of course you made me smile at your ending. 🙂 Love you, friend. And I owe you an email. It will come soon. (((hugs)))
    Beth (@SimplyBeth3) recently posted…How I’m Saying Yes to RiskMy Profile

    • Yes, it is requiring immense levels of intentionality, which I did but didn’t anticipate. It is going to be a really interesting year for me 🙂

      PS: Don’t worry about email responses… Priorities, friend. (And your hubs/fam/job take priority, for sure.)

  4. Oh. my word is SELFLESS. I don’t even know what to say . . . it’s a rather challenging word for me.
    Beth (@SimplyBeth3) recently posted…How I’m Saying Yes to RiskMy Profile

  5. Mine for this year is ‘wisdom’, as in I walk to walk in His rather than seek my own.

    My past 2 have been: ‘joy’ and ‘hope’.

    Rest is a wonderful word. For me, I know that God desires us to rest and yet I feel guilty when I do. I know I need to let this go because resting makes me better – for myself, for others, and for Him!

    Thanks for the reminder, Sharita! Blessings to you and yours this new year.
    Heather @ My Overflowing Cup recently posted…3 Things God Is Promising Us This YearMy Profile

    • Oh, wisdom is going to powerful, Heather– I have no doubt about it! Excited to see how all of this plays out this year for us. Trusting Him as we move forward.

  6. Sharita, I so enjoyed this post. What struck me is this …. the paradox of rest. We actually have to work at resting 🙂 I hope you share more as the year continues on about your journey with this word. Grateful to be here & for you!
    Joanne Viola recently posted…Share … a recipeMy Profile

    • Ha, that IS a true paradox– and I haven’t really thought of it like that but it is so true. Glad He is the One who equips me for the journey.

  7. “Resting is a learned response” profound. I don’t rest so well, myself. Thank you for sharing this, Sharita. As always, you have blessed my heart again & I have a few things to chew on! <3
    Kaylene Yoder recently posted…Growing to be a Woman Strong in the FaithMy Profile

    • So glad it spoke to you, Kaylene— This quest has already been challenging and awesome, all rolled into one. The true test is coming in this current season, so it will be interesting to see how I respond to God. (My plea is that it will be nothing but obedience!)

  8. Ah – rest! That’s a great word and a crucial practice. It is in rest that we are filled, become re-charged and grow in our relationship with Him. During rest, I have also learned to enjoy the moment…as the world spins around me at a crazy pace, I find peace at His feet. That doesn’t mean I sit on the couch staring at the wall (though, I’ve done that, too! LOL) But it means that I’m learning to be in the moment – To not be so busy striving that I miss the opportunities that God places right in front of me, you know? As I slow down…I meet Him.

    Blessings, Sharita! Can’t wait to hear more!!

    All for Him, Joan

    • That is one thing I have already learned about this quest to rest, Joan– He has repeatedly told me “Enjoy me now.” So I have stopped checking email during breakfast. Instead I eat slowly with my daughter (as restfully as eating with a toddler allows, anyway) trusting that there will be plenty of time during the day to accomplish what He will have me do.


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