21 Truths: God is Trustworthy

God is Trustworthy

Would you say that you are a trusting person?

For me, my answer would probably lean towards yes. Sure, there are a few folks out there that make me raise an eyebrow as to whether or not I can legitimately trust them, but for the most part I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

However, there was a point in my life that trusting other people was an issue. Specifically on almost every leadership retreat I ever attended, especially if a ropes course was involved. [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is Good

God is Good

Parenting a tiny human is a learning process.

Our daughter is just over a year old now, and while we understand the general logistics about how to keep her alive (eat food, change diapers, don’t chew on electrical cords, etc) it seems like everyday there are new discoveries and questions that we must answer about our parenting “tactics.”

Like how to teach her table manners. (Eventually.) Or how to keep her from exploring her new chompers by taking a chunk out of my arm. And even the little things about how we speak to her and vocabulary that we use.

There are a few things that I want my daughter to hear as she grows and a lot of principles that we hope to raise her around.

One of my big ones that has been on my heart lately is the use of the word “bad.” [Read more...]

21 Truths: God Never Changes

God Never Changes

Change can be a hard part of life.

But it is also a very necessary part of life.

Without change, I would still be that third grader with bird-nest bangs, braces wearing a lace-collared dress. And although it maybe was the “style” back in the early 90′s, nobody wants to see me like that today (including myself.)

Without change, we wouldn’t grow, learn, struggle or experience victory.

So change is hard… but necessary.  [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is Forgiving

God is forgiving

I come from a long line of grudge holders.

Maybe it was because of my family’s background? We jokingly say that we have a right to be stubborn because after all, our roots originate as Missouri mule. While we joke about this, I certainly don’t say this to brag or only in fun… I mention this because learning to forgive (and forgive rather quickly) has been a bit of a challenge in my Christian walk.

I am getting better at it. But still have a long ways to go. (Stinkin’ stubborn heart! Gah.)

Fortunately for my foot-dragging forgiveness struggles, I have a great example to learn from: God. Which brings us to another truth in our series of “21 Truths about God:” [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is Infallible (#EverydayJesus linkup)

God is infallible

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


Every now and then, I ask my Beloved Husband for input on bloggy topics for this website.

As I was praying through this “21 Truths About God” series for the days leading up to Easter, I wanted his perspective. So I plopped down on the couch, notebook in hand, and challenged Brandon to help me come up with this Godly traits or “truths.”

We started shooting them back and forth. Some came pretty quickly, like loving and faithful. Brandon said “Infallible,” and I responded with “Yeah! That’s a good one!”

I wrote it down. But a few moments later we both paused, looked at each other and said, “Wait a second… What exactly does infallible mean?”  [Read more...]

21 Truths: God Provides

God provides

I didn’t grow up in church. So when I graduated college and started chasing after God with passion, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard about the “tithing 10% gig.”

TEN PERCENT?!?! That was like, a lot of money, especially for a recent college grad who was learning how to manage her money (and wasn’t very good at it yet.) While I  managed to pay my bills each month, sometimes it was pretty close and involved a lot of stressed out tears.

So the whole idea of following God and giving Him back MY money in what seemed to be quite a big chunk was a turn off for me. I figured that there must be some loophole or disclaimer for recent college grads with credit card debt who really liked to eat sushi.

But now that I fully understand what it means to truly follow Jesus, I realize it wasn’t a nickel and dime issue… It was a heart issue. [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is Faithful

God is faithful

Have you ever made a purchase or received a gift that you were really, really pumped up about, but once you got it home to try it out, it failed to live up to its expectations?

Yeah. Me too. Talk about a heart-breaking moment.

My most recent encounter with an experience like this was with an incredibly awesome running jacket. See, my sweet (and crazy generous) mother-in-law has been cheering me on in my quest to become a runner in 2014. Runners apparently need running gear, especially if you live in a rather rainy state like Washington. (Note: I am NOT complaining about the rain. Running in the rain is not my top five most favorite things to do, but if I was living in most other states, running outside in Jan-March would be nearly out of the question.)

Anywho. Runners need gear and I realized that running in the rain two or three times a week in a sweatshirt wasn’t a very productive idea. So my darling MIL offered to by me a waterproof running jacket. [Read more...]

21 Truths: God is Loving

God is loving

Think fast: How would you describe yourself?

Got it? What would you say if someone asked you this question? Would you respond with physical attributes like 5′ 2″ tall, dishwater blond hair, with a tattoo on your right forearm and left foot? Or would your description deal with personality characteristics like outgoing, bubbly, talkative, squirrelly? What about what you like to do? Write, work out, sleep, hang with Jesus…

Take the thoughts about how you would describe yourself… now think about how you would describe God.

Does this come more easily to you? Or not so much?  [Read more...]

Flair for Flexibility (Army Wife Network)

I am a planner.

Few things get me more excited than having a game plan for the day, complete with a “To Do.”  (Confession: If I accomplish something NOT on my “to do” list, I have been known to write it down then immediately mark it off. I know. I’m kind of a nerd. I’m ok with it.)

I love knowing what’s going on, who’s doing what and how we are going to get there.

Which was a great attitude to have… until I married my Beloved Soldier.

Within 14 seconds of being married, I determined that to thrive in this army wife life, we have to adopt a flair for being flexible.


Photo courtesy of Christy Wainwright via Flickr

[Read more...]

In the Tough Stuff

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Confession: It is so easy for me to rejoice and see Jesus in my everyday when things are going great. When life is hunky-dory. When it is smooth sailing.

But when those waters of life get a little bit rough? Yikes. I feel a bit like Peter, sinking below the water’s surface.

Why? Because I took my eyes off Christ.

You may be up against a big challenge. That just means you need to get ready. You're about to see a promise come to pass

Photo courtesy of BK Symphony of Love via Flickr

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