Parenting Bingo (Humorous Printable)

It’s no secret… Parenting is one of the most awesomely-blessed-pull-your-hair-out-epically-rewarding challenges of our lives.

And some days, the only thing that is going to get us all to bedtime is my sense of humor, coffee and Jesus. (Not in that order, of course.)

I had one of those days earlier last week. The baby was up every two hours (he had been starting to chill and stretch it out 4-8 hours without waking but changed it up just to keep me on my toes). The preschooler was up three times that night, hubs was/is still working absolutely crazy Ranger Instructor hours (HURRY UP SUMMER BLOCK LEAVE!)

Then, just when my frustration was peaking, I changed the baby in the dark and of course he peed… EV-ER-Y- WHERE. Through the comforter, on his clothes, and somehow on the part of sheet that goes up near my face. So I changed his wardrobe, said a prayer over the wet linens, vowing to take care of them when the sun came up… Then tried to get him back to sleep.

Three minutes later he decided that 5am was ideal time to have  poop explosion (we’ve only had two of those since he has been born.)

Things continued to be pretty sketchy throughout that day, so I posted on Facebook and asked my friends to chime in with their “Parenting Bingo squares.” You know, slightly crazy (yet typical) things that happen that if we made into a game, our most challenging days would be winning the blackout bingo prize.

And, in true 7 Days Time fashion, I didn’t want this opportunity to slip by. So yes. My nerdy self created a real-true-to-life parenting bingo card. Printable. Because these crazy days are really precious memories, right? Right.

Six weeks from now will mark my 6th year blogging anniversary. And friends, this is one of my most fun/proud/creations. I’m pumped and laughed the entire time I was putting it together because I truly believe that our sense of humor is a VERY powerful tool.

Take a look at this printable PDF. Feel free to share it on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest. Print it off. Laminate it and use dry erase markers to “play” your parenting game. (Or, for my fellow office supply nerds,  you can probably get some magnet marking-button things and “play” it on your fridge.)

I hope it makes you grin… It’s funny because it’s true.


Want the printable PDF?

Click here–> Parenting Bingo

Dear readers: Which ones are your favorites? Have you “marked” any of these off so far today? Please don’t be shy… Jump in and leave a comment below!

Hope this brings some joy to your day… And if you are doing the hard part of a parenting gig as we speak, hang in there. This too will pass. Sure, it may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

But seriously– you are doing a GREAT job. God is pleased with your parenting heart and He will help ALL of us accomplish this task to which we have been called in raising our Tiny Humans.

For His Glory,



“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” ~Proverbs 22:6

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  1. I absolutely love this!! My toddler has been totally making me want to pull my hair out lately– plus the newborn and it’s so much sometimes! I never quite understood why stay at home moms hide out in the bathroom until now haha. This looks like a great idea and a good way to lighten the mood when it starts to get overwhelming.