Reasons for Milspouse Pride (Part 3: Link-up & Giveaway)

In the words of the late Paul Harvey, today it is time for “The Rest of the Story.”

The last couple of months, we have been talking about Reasons for Milspouse pride. (Need to catch up? Check out Part 1 and Part 2.)

So now, we present our final chapter of:

I am a proud military spouse when…¬†


“I’m proud to be a military spouse when I tell a friend who isn’t military that we are an army family and they thank me for our service! “ ~Tiffany H.

“I am a proud military spouse when I see how excited my sons get when their daddy walks through the door, especially after long trainings and deployments!” ~Ericka L.

“I am a proud military spouse as I think of my late husband, a medic for 20 years in the Army, who loved was he was doing and wanted to make a difference. I miss him daily .” ~Sabine W.

“I am a proud military wife every time my husband puts on his military uniform. However, I am EXTREMELY proud to be a military wife when those hanger doors open after a long deployment and all the soldiers (mine included) come marching in the door. That feeling is a feeling that I can not explain but it is awesome and yet overwhelming all at once! Lots of emotions. Anyone that has experienced a homecoming¬†will know what I am talking about. To see those heroes standing in front of us and knowing that they did a job well done and have returned….there is no other feeling!” ~Tiffany L.

“I am proud to be a military spouse when I help other military spouses navigate the ins and outs of this lifestyle and help make things a little easier and better for them.” ~Juliann F.

Want more? Read the rest of our reasons to be proud over at Army Wife Network. (Trust me… Between that and the cool monthly giveaway, you won’t be sorry.)

Readers, what would you add to our milspouse pride list? Leave a comment below. And as always, thanks for your support!

Pride to be a Milspouse,

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