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Body Shot EditedHi there, dear reader! I’m Sharita. You might know me from my signature at the end of most of these blogposts as “SGK.” (The G stands for Gwen, by the way. Fun fact.)

Here’s my story: I am a Jesus-loving enthusiastically creative minister, Blackaby certified spiritual leadership coach, speaker and writer. God has blessed me beyond measure with incredible people, challenges and experiences in life. I am married to the love of my life, best friend and ministry partner, Brandon (commonly referred to in my blogs as “Barn” or “Beloved.” If you want to know more about this fantastic hunky Army Infantry God-lovin’ hubby of mine, check out his bio here.)

IMG_2107Barn and I are parents to a little girl, Charis.  We have a goofy little 12-pound dog named Justus that seems to be a combo of a dog-cat-squirrel-fruitbat-chinchilla. (Don’t believe me? Check out the various pics of him posted throughout the blog.)

Yep. I’m blessed.

My walk with Christ has been quite the journey. I won’t give you my full testimony as I’ve wrote about it in other blog posts here and here. But in short: I accepted Christ when I was 12-years-old at VBS. Didn’t do anything with it for like a decade. Went to college at Kansas State University (Go Cats!) Received my bachelors of science degree in Animal Science and Industry with Communications option and leadership minor. It was all about ME.


Then, enter stage left: My future husband as a catalyst of faith. (Wait! That wasn’t part of my plans…) Then I experienced a season of God-driven pruning via family tragedies, deployment, dream job that was an epic fail, etc. My relationship with God blossomed.

Barn  returned home. We got married. Moved to Fort Benning, GA. I received my Masters in Christian Leadership. Answered the call to ministry. And continued to fall deeper in love with God.

Since that point, our ministry has grown and expanded. (Read more about that here.) We had the aforementioned adorably sweet baby girl and moved to Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington State.  I am now a Blackaby Ministries International Certified Spiritual Leadership Coach and help folks get unstuck see God’s hand in their life. Which is like the coolest thing ever.

Have I mentioned how blessed I am?

Finally, a few quirky things about me (you didn’t think I would leave THAT part out, did you?)

  • I am nerd when it comes to inky pens and journals. I might be a little obsessed.
  • My favorite work out jam is a loud round of army cadence.
  • I am a certified auctioneer.
  • My senior prom outfit (like a hundred years ago) was made completely from duct tape.
  • I pretend to run, but am more of a back-packing ruck-marching kind of gal. (God has built me more like a Clydesdale than a Thoroughbred.)

Oh. And I love Jesus more than anything in this world.

Yep. I’m blessed.

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”
~Jeremiah 17:7 NIV

Sharita Charis big smiles

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  1. Bev Wittmer says:

    So happy to get “the rest of the Sharita Lacey story”! And what an awesome story. And I can say I knew her back in the day!! I always knew you had that extra spark and drive for life and since I have come to know how you are using that – wow what a blessing!! I will be very interested in seeing how the Lord continues to use you.

    • Oh Bev– you just made my day! Thank you. God it really at work– and He apparently is FULL of surprises. So glad we got connected online. Blessings!

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