What is Spiritual Leadership Coaching?

CoachLogoBorder jpedOk. So you have clicked “What is Spiritual Leadership Coaching?”

You probably want an answer.

Well, here goes. Spiritual leadership coaching is a process that moves you from point A to point B with God’s help. Essentially, it is a three-way conversation between you (the coachee), me (the coach), and Jesus (The Christ.)

We start right where you are, then we discover and move forward together onto God’s agenda for your life.

It’s enlightening. Fun. Challenging.

And yes. Spiritual Leadership Coaching is even life changing.

Depending on your learning/discovery style, the type of coaching experience will vary greatly– from structured to fluid, lots of talking (from you) or maybe lots of listening (from both of us.) God is the driving factor behind the conversation because I guarantee He wants only the best for you.

And it’s so important to find out what that is!

Maybe you have some questions about how to fulfill a God-called role in your life (parent, spouse, friend, etc.) Or perhaps you need some heaven-sent clarity regarding a leadership situation you are facing. Or maybe you are feeling a little meh with your walk with Christ. You might be feeling stuck. Lost. Excited but uncertain. Confused. Bored with your current situation.

You name it– Spiritual leadership coaching might just be what you are looking for.

As a Blackaby Ministries International Certified Spiritual Leadership Coach, it is my privilege to help you experience God and encourage your heart in the process. I come alongside you to pray with you, ask deep questions to help you know God (and yourself!) at a deeper level.

SLC is a real, challenging and worthwhile experience for all parties involved.

God is beckoning you to move with Him… To begin or renew your love-relationship with Him… To be inspired by the Son-Rise daily… And live fully in His light, experiencing His blessing and all He has to offer you this side of heaven.

So let’s get started. Hop on over to Are you Ready? for additional information, Rates to view available packages, Testimonials, or Arise & Sign Up to get your God-driven SLC experience started today!


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