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The Famous Daddy HoldHey folks, I’m Brandon.  My wife and I are the creators of 7 Days Time Ministry. Per request of my Lover, (that would be my wife) I wanted to tell you briefly about my ever-growing walk with Christ and our ministry. Here’s my story.

I was born and raised in Iowa as a child and then joined the United States Army as an Infantryman.  This career path has had a major impact on my spiritual life.  Three deployments and duty as a Drill Sergeant in less than ten years has really made me appreciate (and realize a deep need for) my relationship with God.  I met my wife Sharita while stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas and I recently became a father to our beautiful daughter Charis.  Oh, and I am extremely thankful that I was born in this country and had the loving parents that I had.  I’ve been truly blessed by God with a wonderfully full and enriching life.

My walk with Christ started early in my life as I was raised in a positive Christian environment.  I always had a relationship with God growing up, but never truly had salvation until I was 19 when I accepted Christ before my first deployment. (Praise God!!)

Since then my journey has been fairly simple and have been blessed with an easy life in comparison to others in this world.   Some might question the “easy factor” when it comes to multiple deployments and Drill Sergeant duty. Well, here’s my answer.  It’s easy for me because the Army trains me for essentially everything I might be called to do. Which is totally opposite than living a “normal” life in this world.


Nothing in life really “trains” you for deaths of loved ones, miscarriage, financial problems, marriage struggles, or any other major life changing event that could happen at anytime.  We  just have to do it.  I have gone through some of these difficulties in my life and can say, without a doubt, that if my foundation wasn’t centered on Christ, I’d be so much worse off than I was to begin with.  I’ll say it again now and in the future, my life has been relatively easy in comparison to other people in life.  God Bless America. And thank you, Jesus, for always being there for me!

My wife and I started our ministry over 2 years ago when we were stationed in Fort Benning, GA.  I say our ministry, but really it was through my wife’s dedication and selflessness that 7 Days Time came to be.  She started it all, I did contribute some input at first and have become more involved since then (as my job allows.)  Our faith in this endeavor has only grown due to pure reliance on God as He works in us.  At times we didn’t know how we would create it, what it would look like or where the money would come from.

But we soon (and continually) learned that if God wants us to do something for Him, He will give us the means to make it happen.  We just have to listen (Mathew 11:15).  When our live  are centered on God, it becomes easier to recognize when and what He wants us to do. Faith is such an amazing gift to possess in this world.

I pray that “my story” will motivate you to rely on God and inspire you to be courageous for Him, making the most of the 7 days time you are given each week.

“For You make him to be blessed and a blessing forever; You make him exceedingly glad with the joy of Your presence.” ~Psalm 21:6 AMP


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