Travel Log: #WeBeRoadTripping Part 3

And the recap of our humorous military cross-country saga continues… Catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking the links. Hope you are enjoying our journey! ~SGK


Travel log, day 12: Hey yo, from Little Rock, AR.

1. Yes, I can count… Travel log days 9-11 were spent semi stationary at my parentals hacienda. Again, no driving = delightful.

2. Grateful for the the awesome hospitality tonight at Chateau De Knoberg (Aka, thanks Brock & Katie!)

3. Driven by the sign several times over the years, but “Toad Suck Park” still makes me lol.

4. Stopped for gas in Russellville, AR… And it reminded me of my summer spent there interning with Cargill Pork. (I waved in that general direction Cindy Woods Looney!)

5. Crushed (aka “Sonic”) ice is the best non-human traveling companion this preggo has thus far discovered.

6. We are one passenger (and a lot of luggage!) lighter as Charis is partying like a Rockstar Toddler the next couple weeks, first with Gma Cj then Gma Lex. I’m a little jealous. #AllTheIceCream

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Travel Log: #WeBeRoadTripping Part 1

So, if you’ve been kinda-sorta keeping up with #AllTheThings with our life transitions, you would know that we recently moved across the country (again) per military orders. I documented our adventures on Facebook, BUT as I reflect, those memories are too precious to just let them get sucked into the abyss of Facebook craziness. I want to cement them here– if not for your entertainment, for my joy/reflection later down the line. So for the next few blog posts, we will recap the adventure of #WeBeRoadTripping from Fort Lewis, Washington to Dahlonega, Georgia. Enjoy! ~SGK 


I think I read in a Milspouse etiquette handbook once that milspouses are permitted one melodramatic post per PCS.

And I am cashing mine in right now.

We are in our final moments here in Fort Lewis, WA. This place is an easy winner for the best duty station in our career so far.

We will miss everything about it (except I-5.) The people, culture, food, weather, stuff to do, you name it.

And as our personal belongings are all packed in boxes on a truck somewhere halfway across the USA, there’s one thing we can’t take with us… The pieces of our heart that will always be in this state, in this season, with our people. (That was the melodramatic climax, just FYI.)

So now, we say farewell to a place we’ve called home with the promise from 1 Thessalonians 5:24… “The one who called you is faithful and He will do it.”

Related note: Very grateful I super glued my sunglasses back together because it’s getting old explaining to Charis why Mama is all teary eyed.

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If you are parent, it comes as no surprise that we learn A LOT of lessons from our tiny-to-medium-sized humans.

Like how you can eat 2.34 bites of yogurt and be “full…”

How loopholes can be a saving grace, especially if it ends in laughter: “I didn’t kick the dog. I touched him with my foot!”

And that sometimes, choosing to do something is the right choice.  [Read more…]

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Fall Adventure List (With Printable)

Take a deep breath in through the nose.

That’s right, a good, wholesome whiff.

Do you smell that? IT’S FALL!

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Enjoy the Ride

Hi friends… For the next several weeks, Wednesdays will be dedicated to re-sharing some of my favorite posts. I am so blessed to be working on some “big rocks” and pretty awesome God-sized dreams, but I need time to make that happen. So after much prayer, here we are. I pray you enjoy these words… And thanks for extending me Christ-like grace. Oh. And everything is still business as usual for our Thursday #EverydayJesus link-up, so don’t miss it!


The sun was bearing down on our necks. I tried to smoothly fan my armpits to make sure sweat didn’t show. I peered around the dude wearing a Hawaiian-flowered shirt in front of me, who was eating a corndog and funnel cake at the same time.

Was this line EVER going to move? HURRY. UP. 

Those were the days of theme park rides. I have to say that I have (sadly) grown out of that thrill, but for a teenager, “riding rides” was as good as it got. (Sidenote: unless you have a super strong stomach, don’t eat a corn dog and funnel cake right before you get on a ride that is name something along the lines of “Roller Coaster of Doom…” you will most likely embarrass yourself and gross out everyone around you. Just sayin.) [Read more…]

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Get Risky (Link-up)

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


There’s something you should know about me.

I’m not the biggest fan of heights. Perhaps I should be more specific: I’m not the biggest fan of “risky” heights.

I can fly in a plane with little worries. I can climb a mountain (A medium sized-one, anyways. This postpartum bod can only do so much.)  I’ve been to the top of the Sears Tower and St. Louis Gateway Arch and managed not to flip out.

But when it comes to open air high-flying adventures? Um, yeah. No thanks. It’s gonna be a cold day in Orlando before you catch me jumping out of an airplane at 30,000 feet. (Sidenote: I know it can get cold in Orlando– the one time I was there, it frosted. So skydiving IS on my bucket list, but if I ever do it, it will not be premeditated, but rather a spur-of-the-moment-let-me-down-I’ve-changed-my-mind kind of thing.) [Read more…]

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One Word 2014: GROW

Ah, friends.

I am super-dee-dang-o-dee-duper excited to write this post today. (Seriously, I am. That’s not computer sarcasm.)

This post has been several weeks in the making, primarily because I have been praying about my One Word for this new year all that time.

And today is the big reveal. After much prayer and research, I excitedly announce my One Word for 2014 is… [Read more…]

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“Get Started” New Year’s Coaching Special

Ever had one of those goals or dreams that when you envision it, your heart starts to race and your stomach gets all butterfly-ish?

Yeah. Me too. Those goals can be fun. Exciting. Breathtaking.

And sometimes, downright intimidating.

It’s a brand new year with a world of God-adventures right at our fingertips. Our slate has been wiped clean, and we have twelve months stretching out before us. What will we do with the time we have? [Read more…]

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Brand New Year. Same Incredible God

Happy New Year, dear friends! Here’s to welcoming 2014 in with loads of love.

As you ponder all this new year might hold for you, the good along with the challenges, I just want you to keep one thing in mind…

Yes, it’s a brand new year… But we still worship the same incredible God. And  His awesome and Almighty powerful self can do ANYTHING.

Even more than we can imagine.  [Read more…]

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Truth, Dare… Or Both

It was pitch black. My flashlight beam bounced all around thanks to my shaky hand. I swallowed hard. There was no turning back. I had already accepted those fateful words:

“I dare you.”

I set out to accomplish my dare: cross a deserted country highway, in the dark, at 3am on a Sunday morning. It seemed simple enough, but to a group (gaggle? posse? flock?) of 7th grade girls, this was the dare of all dares. As I neared the middle of the road, I grew confident. “Pshaw. This is easy,” I thought to myself.

Suddenly, my friends start squawking and squealing. Headlights were coming. Sure, they were a good half-mile away, but WHO was driving on the road at 3am in the country? My heart raced. I turned and ran faster than I ever had in my life.  A jumble of screaming girls piled into the tent. We peeked out the zipper flap to make sure the car passed by.

But the car turned into the driveway.

We tried to stifle our screams of terror as waited to meet the unknown stranger that would surely be our demise… [Read more…]

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