6 Ways Parenting a Newborn Is Like Being a Military Spouse (Army Wife Network)

Listen VERY closely… Do you hear that?

It’s my own personal internal tick-tock clock as I anxiously await for this New Tiny Human to be born. (I am writing this post a little bit in advance, because hopefully, by the time this post is published in late February, this kiddo would have been evicted and settling into the “real world” in our arms.)

You may recall that last month, I wrote a post about how pregnancy was like being a military spouse.  Well, my love for analogies hasn’t stopped, so today I would like to share 6 Ways Parenting a Newborn is like Being a Military Spouse.

(Sidenote: The kid we are preparing to birth is our second Tiny Human… so I am also tapping into all the things we learned in Round #1 a few years ago.)

Let’s hop to it.

1. Both parenting a newborn and being a milspouse are MESSY jobs. 

And I mean that very literally. Those of you who have ever had a newborn in your home, you are probably picking up what I am laying down. The amount of laundry that results from the bodily fluids that just seem to ooze out of someone so tiny are almost mind blowing. And sometimes, bless my dear husband, I think the same about him! The sand tracked in on his boots. The smell of unwashed ruck-marching feet and B.O. Random pieces of TA-50 scattered in every room, every vehicle, every nook and cranny of our abode. Yes, both are physically messy… but they can both be emotionally messy too…

Want to keep reading about the other 5 ways these experiences are similar? Jump on over to Army Wife Network. 

Also, don’t be shy– if this post made you grin, be sure to leave me a comment. (I always love reading your feedback!)

Blessings to you all- whether you are in a season of parenting a newborn (or not) or living the military wife life (or not.)

All For Him,

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“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.” ~Isaiah 66:13

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6 Ways Pregnancy is like being a Military Spouse (Army Wife Network)

As I write this post, I am sitting in the recliner with my feet up. My smallish dog is nestled beside me, my arms are stretched out farther than they have ever been before as my “belly dances” and I mentally calculate how long I have until it’s my daily “power nap time.”

Yep. You guessed it. I’m pregnant. The State of the Uterus is very much occupied.

I am at the point in this pregnancy that no longer classifies as a “little bit” pregnant. I am really pregnant. Like middle-rapidly-approaching-end-of- third-trimester pregnant.

It’s our second kiddo, so we are excited (and less terrified than the first time we did this…) Although my preggo brain is not nearly as sharp as it used to be, lately I have been thinking about how the whole experience of pregnancy is like being a military spouse… because really, who doesn’t love a good analogy? [Read more…]

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Ingredients to Grow

If you’ve been around 7 Days Time very long, you probably know that “Green Thumb” is NOT on my resume.

It’s not really for lack of trying or desire… But it’s just not. (I mean seriously… Remember how excited I got when my Peace Plant Chloe actually bloomed?)

Every time we move to a new house, I get a random surge of energy to try and be all outdoorsy-gardener-ish.

I go to a local greenhouse and spend way too much money on plants/flowers I will likely kill before the season is done. [Read more…]

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Spiritual Duct Tape

I am relatively certain we have about twelve rolls of duct tape lying around the house.

Our rolls go by several different names and appearances, like the classic silver duct tape, colored duct tape, Gorilla tape, and my personal favorite, the military version “100 mile-per-hour tape.”

But all serve essentially the same purpose– put things back together or hold something into place.

I love duct tape. I love it so much in fact, that I wore a duct tape outfit to senior prom. 

Over the years, I have used duct tape for a variety of quick-fixes, and my husband will attest the same. But with that strategy, I have also learned that duct tape is only a temporary fix. [Read more…]

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The Horse and the Tadpoles #EverydayJesus Link-Up

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


Growing up in the country was straight up awesome. Sure, a few decades later I appreciate that we have 3 (or more?) Target Stores within a 30 minute drive and a gas station is a little over half a mile away instead of 17. But man– my childhood in the country was one adventure after another.

My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the out-of-doors, specifically playing in our “hideout” and perusing the nearby creek for critters. When we were less than a decade old, we would spend hours with our elbows (and sometimes feet/legs, whole selves) in the shallow creek behind our house. Most evenings we would come home muddy and soaking wet– with our “prize” in an ice cream bucket.  [Read more…]

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Four Steps to Freedom (EverydayJesus Link-Up)

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


Blackness is all around me. The mechanical sound of artificial rain fills the room. I stand, towering over her, willing my heart to slow because I am sure she can hear it.

My nose itches but I don’t dare scratch it because she detects the slightest hint of movement. My lower back starts to ache and I listen for the rhythmic sound of her breath. For the next two and a half minutes, I argue with myself as I cling to the top rail of the crib. Is she asleep? Can I escape undetected? Wait, did she just squeak? Maybe I should wait another minute or twelve? 

I breathe a silent prayer. The time is right. Stealthily, I engage my mama-ninja stills and silently turn to face the bedroom door. Ok, Jesus. I have just four steps to make it out of here undetected by this anti-sleeping, cry-puking tiny human. Please, God in heaven… Make it happen.  [Read more…]

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The Exception (Repost)

What is your first thought when you think of the word “exception?”

Do you think it is something special? Something unattainable? A person, place or thing that is out of the ordinary?

If so, then you would be right. Sorta. Ish.

Webster defines exception as “an instance or case not conforming to the general rule.” That makes sense, right?

But what about being an exception in the world? Or even more so… In our walk with Christ?? [Read more…]

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21 Truths: God is Faithful

Have you ever made a purchase or received a gift that you were really, really pumped up about, but once you got it home to try it out, it failed to live up to its expectations?

Yeah. Me too. Talk about a heart-breaking moment.

My most recent encounter with an experience like this was with an incredibly awesome running jacket. See, my sweet (and crazy generous) mother-in-law has been cheering me on in my quest to become a runner in 2014. Runners apparently need running gear, especially if you live in a rather rainy state like Washington. (Note: I am NOT complaining about the rain. Running in the rain is not my top five most favorite things to do, but if I was living in most other states, running outside in Jan-March would be nearly out of the question.)

Anywho. Runners need gear and I realized that running in the rain two or three times a week in a sweatshirt wasn’t a very productive idea. So my darling MIL offered to by me a waterproof running jacket. [Read more…]

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Our Own Set of Footprints

Hi friends… No Five Minute Friday post today, because my good friend Brandi is in town and this mama/writer/Jesus-lover wants a short breather. Plus, I want to honor Brandi while she is here. (My goal is to spend as little time on the computer this weekend as possible. Hoping for a recharge!) So please enjoy this little reminder about our footprints and how God moves us. 


You can tell a lot about someone’s footprints.

No, I don’t mean what type of shoes they wear or what size their feet are. Footprints can often tell us where someone’s been… and perhaps where they are going. [Read more…]

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Appearance of a Thistle

Hell hath no fury like a rancher going after a batch of musk thistle.

Are all of my non-country/ranchin’ peeps confused? My bad. Let me back up and give you a quick lesson on ranching and horticulture.

Musk thistle is a nasty noxious weed. You know how dandelions spread? Yeah, musk thistles do the same thing. Honestly, they are a kind of a pretty purplish color when they are blooming… but it just takes one weed to go to seed and before you know it, the entire pasture is taken over, choking out the good grass.

Then the cattle have nothing to graze on and what started out as a smallish-weed is now a really big problem. [Read more…]

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