Would you REALLY??

My woman brain goes weird places every now and then.

If you don’t believe me, just ask my husband. (He says I am “abnormal.” But this is coming from a man who chews his toenails and watches weird space documentaries on TV… sometimes simultaneously. So I vote his “abnormal” is unfounded.)

But my brain really does come up with crazy thoughts sometimes. Occasionally they are good thoughts, just letting my imagination run about what God might have planned for us in this world. Sometimes I daydream about heaven and anticipate meeting Jesus for the first time. And yes, my brain will often try to put “scary” thoughts in my head revolving around severe sickness, accidents, death etc. (At which point I promptly tell Satan to GET BEHIND ME as I pray Philippians 4:8)

There are a few occasions when a semi-profound Jesus thought randomly pops out of these thought tangents.

Like this one: “Would I REALLY die for Christ?”  [Read more…]

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