Because of Jesus: Photo Series #1

A few months ago, while I was up late one night pondering life feeding my newborn (see also: counting the minutes until I could go back to sleep) I had a revelation about this 7 Days Time stuff.

I wanted to do a photo series. And wanted our follower’s to contribute.

It would be called “Because of Jesus…”

So I went to work and asked our Facebook friends and followers to complete the sentence. Man oh man, did you all deliver!

I added a couple of my own and we were able to come up with 100 unique “Because of Jesus” statements. [Read more…]

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When Jesus Makes You Queasy

This “following Jesus” thing can make us have, well, #AllTheFeels.

Warm and fuzzy. Confident. Peaceful. Hopeful. Comforted. Reassured.

All great feelings. But ya know, sometimes Jesus makes us feel a little bit queasy.

Like when he asks us to take a leap of faith and puts an idea on our heart that feels a little bit like it’s out of the back 40. (That’s the country girl in me talking there.)

Those moments are what I have titled as the emotion called “Thrillified.” That’s thrilled and terrified combined. [Read more…]

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Whole30: Accountability & (Staying) Motivated

Ok, my friends. Just a few short days until my Whole60 (which likely will turn into Whole90… Or maybe Whole120-eeeek!) is about to begin.

And man, am I excited.

It feels like New Year’s Eve. You know the feeling– when things feel fresh, new, we have all the motivation in the world to do all the things.

The kicker is, much like New Years Resolutions, it is sometimes a lot of work to keep that enthusiasm and motivation going. Especially with something that requires the planning, energy and forethought as Whole30. (Want to know more about this Whole30 thing? Check out the Low-down here. Or tips for planning. Oh, and don’t miss Part 1 and Part 2 of What to expect.)

So today, I am sharing a few tips on how to find accountability in this process and stay motivated.  [Read more…]

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Whole30: Prep & Getting Started

Easter is done, my Peeps. (Pun intended.) My new tiny human is 2 months old. So now my brain is (excitedly) shifting to getting in the swing of things with healthy eating choices, which for me, means doing a fresh round of Whole30 starting May 1st. (Actually, it will be a Whole60– at least. If you need to catch up on what it is, check out this post.)

In July of 2015, I did a Whole30. In 2016, I did Whole120 from January 1st to May 1st. And it revolutionized my life. Freed me from emotional eating. I had literally never felt physically/emotionally better in my entire life.  [Read more…]

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The Whole30 Low-Down

It’s no secret that one of my favorite “hobbies” is eating.

Maybe it’s yours too.

Unfortunately, for the first two-thirds of my life, food was pretty close to my god. I was an emotional eater and used food as a “false boundary” when it came to emotions, self-esteem, the whole shebang.

But this coming fall will mark ten years (yes, TEN!) since I began this journey of fitness. I’ve lived in more states than I can currently remember, gotten married to my soldier,  and been through three pregnancies, two of which resulted in our sweet children… And a lot of weight gain (no matter how hard I tried to keep it under control. #GeneticsCanBeAnnoying) [Read more…]

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Oh “BOY”~ What a Birth Story!!

Hello, dear readers! Good news… I’m still kicking.

If you aren’t on Facebook, you were probably curious as to where I’ve been the past few weeks. Well, as you can imagine, that baby I was blogging about FINALLY came out.

And BOY oh BOY! What a birth story it was!!! We are deviating a bit from our normal “faith” focused content today because I want to capture the details of how this new Tiny Human decided to make his appearance into the world before all the details ride off into the sunset of my sleep deprived mind. (And yes… It was a BOY!!! EEEE!!! But more on that momentarily.) [Read more…]

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10 Commandments of Pregnancy: For the Pregnant Mamas

The last few weeks we’ve been talking (joking?) about all things pregnancy, of course with a faith-based twist.

We mentioned 10 Commandments of Pregnancy for the General Public, and then for the Husbands. But as a second time mama, I was feeling a bit left out. So I want to revisit a one more preggo set of commandments… For the Pregnant Mamas.
[Read more…]

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Embracing the Race (Guest Blog)

It’s taken me many years to admit that I am kinda-sort-of a runner. And now, in my current season as more of a pregnant waddler, somewhere deep down, I realize I actually miss running. Especially considering that just a little over a year ago I ran a full marathon and didn’t die. 

So whenever I can, I like to support other runners on this quest– especially ones that love Jesus. Today, it’s an honor for me to share a guest post by Lisa Preuett, announcing the release of her new book for Jesus-runners like me. Grab a copy and let’s hit the road. ~SGK


“What’s your pace?”

This is a common question we hear frequently among runners. It’s also a number runners must sometimes enter on race registration forms. It’s easy to obsess about exactly how long it takes one to cover the distance of a mile. [Read more…]

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If you are parent, it comes as no surprise that we learn A LOT of lessons from our tiny-to-medium-sized humans.

Like how you can eat 2.34 bites of yogurt and be “full…”

How loopholes can be a saving grace, especially if it ends in laughter: “I didn’t kick the dog. I touched him with my foot!”

And that sometimes, choosing to do something is the right choice.  [Read more…]

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Faith is a Gift #WilcoWednesday

Welcome to Wilco Wednesday! If you are a new around these parts, “Wilco” is Army-speak for “Will Comply.” Think of it as saying “Roger, God. Got it. Will do.”  So that is what Wednesday here at 7 Days Time is all about– exploring his decrees and seeking guidance for what complying with Him looks like in everyday life. The best part? He loves us for who we are, not what we do.  Remember: He doesn’t want perfection, just obedience. Share. Enjoy. Interact. And let’s respond to God’s call with  a hearty “Wilco, Lord!” Please help me welcome my friend Amy to the blogging “stage!” 


“Faith is a gift from God.  It is our duty to accept it.”  –MNSGR Gerald Ward

Many years ago, my husband and I attended a marriage retreat when we were stationed at Fort Campbell, KY.  I couldn’t have been more excited.  A weekend away in Nashville at the Opryland hotel!  All expenses paid!  Just us!  My mom had even flown in to watch our 20-month-old.  Fresh from his first deployment, the husband and I were more than ready to delve into our marriage through some bible study and companionship with other military couples.  I even remember pulling out my “formal shoes” and my go-to little black dress in the hopes of a fancy dinner.  This. Was. Serious. [Read more…]

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