I’m not the Lord of my Life… (Thankfully!)

I am not the lord of my life… THANK GOD.

I type those words with ease, because if I was lord of my life,  I would be in serious trouble.

But there was a time (not too long ago, might I add) that I really was TRYING to be my own lord. It wasn’t extremely obvious. It’s not like I was building little golden Sharita-idol statues to put around my house and sell on Amazon. (That would be so awkward.) However, I WAS trying to do all, control all, be all to everybody.

And as lovingly as God crafted me, I am NOT made for that.

Neither are you. [Read more…]

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10 Commandments for New Mamas

Charis wasn’t just the inspiration for this blog… She helped.

This post has been a while in the making.

After all, I HAVE been a mama for a whopping 5 months.

Oh wait. You mean that’s just the beginning? Well, even though I still have a few decades to go as a mama, I wanted to share with you some of the lessons I have learned (and am still learning) as a new mama. [Read more…]

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Chocolate & Jesus

When the going gets tough… the tough get going.

Now, let’s tweak that statement a bit…  Complete it  with YOUR word… what do you desire/need/turn to when things get tough?

Here are a few of my potential examples.

When the going gets tough… the tough get frustrated.
When the going gets tough… the tough get take-out. (I’m an emotional eater. What can I say?)
When the going gets tough… the tough get snippy. (Not proud of this one—but it’s true.)
When the going gets tough… the tough get chocolate. (No explanation necessary, right?) [Read more…]

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Pictures of Faith

In case you missed the memo, we recently moved.

And by moved, I really mean traveled 79 total driving hours in the car with a 4-month-old baby for 3,785 miles.

Good times.

Along the way, we had the opportunity to have some great family moments– as well as several incredible Jesus moments. Today, I would like to share a few highlights of God’s splendor (and some funny tidbits) from our trip of a lifetime during our PCS army move from Fort Benning, Georgia to Fort Lewis, Washington. [Read more…]

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Everyday Jesus: Adopted by Christ

Sometimes, God introduces us to a person and/or story that just touches our heart and inspires us to the very core. Today, I am blessed to introduce you to my neighbor (literally– she lives next door!) who loves Jesus and is on quite a faith-journey. Meet Mindy. She and her husband Roger are building a family– which requires them to seek out Jesus Everyday. Show these faithful Christ followers some love as they encourage your heart and press forward in their calling. 

Loving my neighbor,


Growing up, I, like other little girls, dreamed of our meeting my prince, getting married and having a family. Never did I imagine hitting a bump in the road, called infertility. [Read more…]

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In the Garden (Revisited)

I am smack dab in the middle of learning what it means to be a new Mama while moving across the country. No big deal, right?  (It is an adventure, that is for sure!) So today as I considered what bloggy ministry message God wanted me to share, He put this one on my heart. (Actually, He put the song on Pandora which made me think of this post written a little while ago…) 

As my Beloved Brandon and I make new memories with our little one as we seek out our new home with the army, I couldn’t help but get all gushy thinking about my parents. This post recalls one of my favorite childhood memories with my dad… and my heavenly Father. 

Where do you go to meet with the Father? I would love to hear all about it. Feel free to comment below! 

Praying today is full of Him!


Growing up in northwest Kansas as the daughter in a farming/ranching family provided me with many chances to “get away.” Ok, let’s be honest– we were 90 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart. We were always “away,” so actually going somewhere aka civilization was a big deal. [Read more…]

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It Ain’t Easy Being Green

I’ve learned some great lessons over the years… from muppets. (Yeah, I said it.)

Growing up, it was Sesame Street… Big Bird, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Oscar the Grouch, Burt and Ernie… I learned that sharing is the right thing to do, that C is for cookie (that’s good enough for me, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!–Anybody else remember that song?) and many other life lessons that have served me well the last 27 and a half years.

I’ve also learned a lot from other muppets– perhaps the more widely known clan… Yes, THE MUPPETS. Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear (Waka, waka!) and of course~ Kermit the Frog. [Read more…]

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Everyday Jesus: When Life is Anything but Everyday-ish

You know those folks whose laughter and smile are simply contagious? Today’s guest blogger, Laurie is just one of those gals. I “met” her online via our mutual friend Kelli, then actually experienced her awesome energy and Jesus-filled heart last summer at SheSpeaks. Laurie is authentic and enthusiastic, as well as an incredible writer. (In fact, she’s such an incredible writer that she will be getting TWO books published soon!) Show her some love both here and over at her place by leaving comments below! (Plus, be sure to connect with her site or click HERE so you can be first in line to get hooked up with her book(s) when they hit shelves! Oh. And rumor has it there’s a free e-book in the midst of all these shenanigans, too.)

Are you ready to be wowed? Get ready. It’s go time with our latest installment of Everyday Jesus!

Wowed daily by Him,


When Sharita asked me to share an “everyday Jesus” moment for this post, my first thought was, “Sounds great!”

Off I went through life over the next few weeks, eyes open for those everyday gifts and moments of goodness. Problem was, I couldn’t find any everydays… and without those, how would I do this assignment? [Read more…]

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10 Commandments of Pregnancy: For Husbands

Pregnancy is… weird.

Sure it’s beautiful, cool, entertaining and overall MIND BLOWING, but really, this whole growing a baby thing is just weird.

I promised you sweet readers weeks ago when we announced the coming of our first baby that this would not turn into a pregnancy blog. And it’s not. There are plenty of other folks out there that are way more knowledgeable (and less hormonal) to provide you valuable info in that category.

However, this post idea has been marinating in my pregnant brain for a few weeks, so we are going to have a little bit of fun today. (Hopefully you ALWAYS have fun when you stop by 7 Days Time… But perhaps today will be a new kind of humor.) [Read more…]

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Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Do you remember that movie from the 1993 called “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey?” You know, the one with the two dogs (Shadow and Chance) and the cat (Sassy.)

Oh. You don’t? Well, google it. I will wait.

Got it? Ok. Well, it was one of my favorite movies back in the day– we owned it on VHS, and if we still had a VHS player, I would probably still watch it on occasion. That movie included my favorite things: Disney, animals and adventure.

Now my life is a little less Disney and a lot more adventure. [Read more…]

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