Whole30: Week #6 Reflection

Another legit week of doing this Whole30 gig… Once again, food was pretty tasty and I had some cool Non-scale victories (Read on for more.)

Weekly Ranking (1-10)

Felt pretty good and I was grateful to have time to food prep adequately last week. I tried a couple of new recipes (which were a success) and minus a few moments of tiredness (something about having two kids, doing the ministry/educational things I do and a my hubs continually intense work schedule I think…

On My Menu

I kind of “created” a Cauliflower pizza casserole– and it was uber tasty. I’ve attempted actual cauliflower pizza a few times, but can never get the “crust” correct– so this time I just made it into a casserole since I knew I had to eat it with a fork anyways. Still tastes just as good and a whole lot less time consuming. Also, it converted into a pretty tasty breakfast dish halfway through the week by tossing a couple of over-easy eggs on top if it.

Also, I busted out the avocados this week (for some reason I haven’t been capitalizing on them much.) I had toad-in-a-hole for breakfast one day, then made some guacamole to go with my prosciutto-wrapped beef/veggie egg muffins (don’t be intimidated by the name… I just used the Prosciutto as  the muffin “liner” and scrambled some eggs with part of the cooked ground beef/bell peppers that I was using for Cauliflower pizza casserole. Easy peasy.

Oh, and taco salad– AH-MAZ-ING! I had cilantro-lime cauliflower “rice” for the first time and seriously– I bet if you didn’t tell a non-whole30er about it, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


I got a chance this week to do some “benchmark” workouts to see if/how I have physically improved since starting Whole30. Well, let’s just say it was super encouraging! I improved my 2-min time limit sit-ups by 8, push-ups by 5 and (get this!) I took a whopping 3 min 4 seconds off my 2 mile run time! I am being realistic knowing that I likely will not be taking that much time off in future months per-chunk, but definitely a (huge!) step in the right direction. Thank you, Jesus.


Nothing too major to report here– there were a few nights that I really wanted to just grab something on the way home, but the fact that I had food ready and waiting for me in the fridge was a huge keep-me-accountable factor. (Again, the major importance of food prep!) Also, I had a few anxiety flare ups (Charis briefly had a headache/fever thing going on for like a day and, like a moron, I googled her symptoms. #WhenWillILearn #UG) Brandon’s super intense schedule/long hours/non-sleepingness wasn’t helpful… So I had some lightening cravings of “I WANT SUGAR” or something to make me “feel better” but thankfully, knowing that I needed to remain accountable to our Facebook Group AND Jesus kept me on the straight and narrow.

Tweaks for Next Week

I really don’t think I have much that I am doing differently– Kroger Clicklist is still my BFF in this season and splitting up food prep over a couple of days has been really helpful and less frantic/stressful. Also, I have yet to get sick of Madras Chicken Salad… Pretty sure I’ve eaten 5 out of the last six weeks for lunch.

So friends– until next week– stay strong!

To the Glory of God alone,



“I spread out my hands to you; I thirst for you like a parched land.” ~Psalm 143:6

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Whole30: Weeks 4 & 5 (Month #1) Reflection

You know, after all this time of following Jesus, I really shouldn’t be so surprised with Him. But alas, He keeps rocking my world.

I have completed a full month of Whole30 lifestyle (again) and couldn’t be more pleased. Probably the greatest revelation I’ve had in the last couple weeks was this thought: “I am so freaking busy right now. WHY did I decide to do Whole30?!?!” Which was immediately followed by:“I’ve needed more energy, contentment and legit-Jesus attitude more in the last month than I have in a very long time. I don’t NOT have time to keep this up!”  [Read more…]

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Fat Free-Dom (Wives of Faith)

Since becoming an adult, I do everything I can to avoid the F-word.

Wait, wait– not THAT F-word. (This is a Christian blog, for crying out loud! Avoiding THAT word is surely implied.)

This F-word:


For some reason, back when He was drawing up plans for heaven and earth, God saw fit to make me struggle with physical fitness. For as long as I can remember, I turned to food when I am stressed. Or happy. Or lonely. Or… you get the picture.

Food and I were BFFs. 2-gether, 4-ever. Until…  [Read more…]

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Now That’s Some Heavy Metal!

This month, I celebrate 4 years (YEARS!?!) since my call to ministry. 

And as I travel down Nostalgia Lane, I can’t help but think how far I have come– yet how God has walked with me through it all. 

So here is a blast from the past– literally my fifth-ever blog post (I have more than 700 now!) but one whose truth’s still ring true…



When it comes to my iTunes playlist, my iPod, my Pandora account or car radio preset stations, you should know that there is no pattern, rhyme or reason to any of them. People have told me (on more than one occasion) that I have quite an eclectic variety of songs in my collection. I can’t really blame them for the loud exclamations of shock when my computer shuffles from Alison Krause to Asian techno to Broadway show-tunes to christian praise, back to classic country and yes, even over to a very-small-G-rated-collection of heavy metal favorites. [Read more…]

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Practicing What We Preach: Forgiveness

We all have to deal with it.

Releasing it brings freedom, only good things come from experiencing it, but sometimes we refuse to submit and we cling to it like a two-year-old hoarding a piece of candy.

Forgiveness. I have forgotten the number of times I have unofficially coached people to dig deep and forgive someone.

Here at 7 Days Time, it has been quite the topic for discussion. We have an entire page in our Scripture Library dedicated to forgiveness. We have multiple blogs about forgiving ourselves, finding the faith to forgive, and even forgiving in the little, tiny, everyday moments.

Funny thing is, as much as I preach it and write about it, God still places this forgiveness issue on my own heart. [Read more…]

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Four Steps to Freedom (EverydayJesus Link-Up)

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


Blackness is all around me. The mechanical sound of artificial rain fills the room. I stand, towering over her, willing my heart to slow because I am sure she can hear it.

My nose itches but I don’t dare scratch it because she detects the slightest hint of movement. My lower back starts to ache and I listen for the rhythmic sound of her breath. For the next two and a half minutes, I argue with myself as I cling to the top rail of the crib. Is she asleep? Can I escape undetected? Wait, did she just squeak? Maybe I should wait another minute or twelve? 

I breathe a silent prayer. The time is right. Stealthily, I engage my mama-ninja stills and silently turn to face the bedroom door. Ok, Jesus. I have just four steps to make it out of here undetected by this anti-sleeping, cry-puking tiny human. Please, God in heaven… Make it happen.  [Read more…]

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Freedom from Pornography: #PureEyesCleanHeart Giveaway

We live in a world of very mixed messages. Sometimes it is hard to keep all of those messages straight. Jesus says one thing. The world says another.

Unfortunately, some of those messages are accompanied by bondage.

Some messages take away our freedom.

Pornography is one. [Read more…]

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In the Bottom of Your Sink

You might have noticed that in this current season,  Wednesdays are my days to work toward some super-awesome God-sized dreams. So here is a blast from the past straight from the archives. Enjoy, dear friends… and thanks for the grace. 


Who would you say that your everyday hero is?

Perhaps it is your spouse. A parent. A child. A mentor. Maybe it’s the law enforcement officers or firefighters or soldiers (or maybe if you are  like me, it is your soldier spouse…)

In addition to those awesome hero’s listed above, my hero is any person who had the courage to clean out the drain in the bottom of the kitchen sink. [Read more…]

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Twas the Military Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas, beloved readers, followers and supporters!

Here at 7 Days Time, we dig tradition, especially around the holidays. So this Christmas, I wanted to re-gift a lil somethin’ somethin’. (Hope you aren’t offended. At least it’s not a fruitcake.) This is a tiny reminder of WHY we celebrate this wonderful holiday. We are free to celebrate thanks to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and our beloved American Military.

A Christmas Salute to you all!!


Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the base,
Soldiers were last-minute shopping,
Running all over the place.

It has been a crazy year,
Full of missions and drills,
But through serving their country,
Their hearts were fulfilled. [Read more…]

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Just a Little Splinter

Have you ever thought about how something so teeny tiny can really throw your life in a tizzy?

Consider this… Just missing a payment or two of a school loan can really jack with your credit score. Going just a few miles per hour over the speed limit can impact your driving record when the cop writes out that fateful ticket. Olympic races are sometimes won and lost in just milliseconds.

Sin in our lives is the same way. Just a little “tiny” one, if left unattended, it can really mess with our lives. (Sidenote: there are not “big” and “small” sins… A sin is a sin is a sin. But I think we sometimes consider some “smaller” than others as a means of justifying our actions. But that’s another blog post. Anywho…) I personally think having unrepented sin in our lives is like having a splinter in our finger. [Read more…]

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