Enjoy the Ride

Hi friends… For the next several weeks, Wednesdays will be dedicated to re-sharing some of my favorite posts. I am so blessed to be working on some “big rocks” and pretty awesome God-sized dreams, but I need time to make that happen. So after much prayer, here we are. I pray you enjoy these words… And thanks for extending me Christ-like grace. Oh. And everything is still business as usual for our Thursday #EverydayJesus link-up, so don’t miss it!


The sun was bearing down on our necks. I tried to smoothly fan my armpits to make sure sweat didn’t show. I peered around the dude wearing a Hawaiian-flowered shirt in front of me, who was eating a corndog and funnel cake at the same time.

Was this line EVER going to move? HURRY. UP. 

Those were the days of theme park rides. I have to say that I have (sadly) grown out of that thrill, but for a teenager, “riding rides” was as good as it got. (Sidenote: unless you have a super strong stomach, don’t eat a corn dog and funnel cake right before you get on a ride that is name something along the lines of “Roller Coaster of Doom…” you will most likely embarrass yourself and gross out everyone around you. Just sayin.) [Read more...]

Building a Christ-Like Marriage: Have Fun!

I used to be quite the fun-lover.

Please notice the operative phrase there: “Used to be.”

Growing up, I was also ready for an adventure, be it catching frogs in the pond or swimming in the stock tank. In college, I was usually the first one loaded in the car when somebody said “road trip” and thoroughly enjoyed spontaneous escapades of fun.

Even when Barn and I were dating and first married, fun was easy to come by.

And then… Life happened. [Read more...]

From Fun to None & Back Again (#EverydayJesus)


Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


I used to be a pretty fun-loving gal.

In college, I was almost always up for a random adventure or spontaneous activity with my friends. Weekend road trip to another state? Sure. (As long as I didn’t have an exam on Monday.) Free tickets to a football game? Sign me up.

Then life happened. Graduation came, I married my beloved soldier and began to try to figure out this military wife life.  [Read more...]

Friday Focus: Peterson Farm Bros

Today, I am INCREDIBLY blessed and honored to bring you a Friday Focus that is not only fun– but filled with faith.

In 2012, the world has come to know the awesomeness of  Greg, Nathan and Kendal Peterson, more commonly know as the Peterson Farm Bros. These fellows have become a YouTube sensation, creating some pretty sweet parody videos to promote agriculture… And Jesus. [Read more...]

I Choose Option B (Five Minute Friday)

After a 3 week hiatus, Five Minute Friday is BACK over here at 7 Days Time.

I will give you a moment to compose yourself. :-)

Five Minute Friday is simple. And fun. It’s like a writing flash mob. Each Friday, I pop over and link up with The Gypsy Mama Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us a prompt. Then we write. For five minutes flat.

No over thinking. No editing. Pure, word-flowing, Jesus inspired writing.

Five Minute Friday

And very appropriate for a Friday.

So now… Let’s get this party started!

Todays prompt: BEYOND

GO! [Read more...]

The Perfect Dancing Partner (Five Minute Friday)

Oh hey there, readers. Didn’t see you there. Welcome!

Thanks so much for stopping by on this lovely Friday. Pull up a chair. Grab your favorite Friday beverage. And maybe a snack.

It’s time for Five Minute Friday.

In short: Each Friday, I link up with Lisa-Jo , our favorite “Gypsy Mama.” She gives us a prompt. Then we write. Unscripted. Unedited. For Five. Minutes. Flat.

Simple. As. That. Five Minute Friday

Ready? Let’s do this.

Today’s prompt: DANCE

GO! [Read more...]

Spinning INto Control

I’ve been to my fair share of retreats and camps.

Back in my younger days, my retreat/camping experiences revolved around organizations like FFA (National Blue and Corn Gold, baby!) Alpha of Clovia Scholarship house, Blue Key and Agricultural Ambassadors. But it didn’t matter what organization I went “retreating” with, “recreation” was always on the schedule. [Read more...]

Jesus Likes to Party Too.

Balloons…Games…Cake…Hats…Loud noises…music… laughter…chaos…sugar…presents…toys…pictures.

Kid birthday parties rock.

When I was little, birthday parties were practically the highlight of my life. (It ranked right up there with our annual trip to the Missouri State Fair and calving season.) It didn’t even have to be MY birthday party… just the prospect of socializing, games and CAKE were enough to make us talk about upcoming party for weeks. [Read more...]

Bungee Jumping with Jesus (Five Minute Friday: Risk)

It’s Friday… AGAIN?!!?

Not that I’m complainin’ of course. Yay for the weekend!Five Minute Friday

Friday is such a fun time here at 7 Days Time. Each week I link up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday. She gives us a prompt. Then we write. For five minutes flat.  Without overthinking or drafting or editing. Just letting the words flow and see what God has to say.

It’s challenging. It’s fun. It’s (usually) enlightening.

And it encourages me personally not to strive for perfection– but instead, simple and immediate obedience.

Today’s Prompt: RISK

GO! [Read more...]

Can I See Your I.D.? (Five Minute Friday)

Alas, loyal followers… another Friday tis upon us! (Not quite sure why I am talking like that…)

Ahem. Check. Check. Ah. Ok, that’s better.

Anywho… It’s Friday. And Friday means that I link up with The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday. She gives us a prompt, then we engage in what I like to call a finger sprint. We write for five minutes flat, no over thinking, no editing. Just write. We let the words flow and see where we go. (Look at me rhyming on a Friday.)

Sorry bout the squirrelly behavior. I need to cut back on the caffeine I guess.

I should probably get started before I embarrass myself. (More than I already have.)

Todays prompt: IDENTITY

AND  GO! [Read more...]