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Summer is here, my friends! It’s time for fun in the sun, creating new ways to entertain the kids since they are out of school (#CanYouSaySummerCamp) and of course, vacations.

Now, if you are anything like OUR family, vacations are not, um, as relaxing as they used to be. With a 4-year-old and a 4-month-old, going anywhere for an hour is sometimes level: mission impossible.

But just as we did back around Christmas with Humorous Holiday Hacks #1, #2 and #3, I thought I would expand the experience to “help” with all things summer-getaway.

Now, for your reading enjoyment, we present Humorous Vacation Hacks.

1. I want to take my family on a vacation for summer block leave, but between my husband, kids and myself, we can never agree on a destination. The debates in our household rival the most recent president election shenanigans, so I would rather not deal with the hassle. How can we pick a destination that we can all agree on? 

Hack: I think the best thing to do in this situation is just wing it. Planning is overrated, right? And that feeling of just throwing things in the car and hitting the open road, top down, hair blowing in the wind, driving just to see where you end up will no doubt make you feel young again. Of course, you might run into a few snags when you arrive at a potential “destination” with no hotel reservations only to realize that due to a national motor cycle rally there are no hotels available within a two hour radius. But hey– not knowing where you are going it sure to be good training for the “hurry up and wait” experience for your next unknown duty station assignment.

Need more vacation tips– er, I mean laughs? Read more over at Army Wife Network. 

Readers, do YOU have any humorous vacation hacks? Which one is your favorite? Comment below.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go buy an airhorn and NOT pack for family vacation.

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Humorous Holiday Hacks, Round 2 (Army Wife Network)

Can we just all take a collective, deep cleansing breath?

I don’t know about you, sister… But sometimes the holidays stress me out.

Sure, last month I made the vow to switch things up a bit this year for the holidays, transitioning from stressed to blessed.

But let’s be honest. Even in a “perfect” world, that would be a tall order… let alone trying to mesh that vision with the craziness that is Army-wife life.

One of my coping mechanisms for stress is humor. (Usually this is a good thing… Usually.) Last year, I shared some “Humorous Holiday Hacks” here at Army Wife Network. Apparently, they were well received. (That or people were so desperate for a laugh.)

Either way, I have been asked to expand on my “hacks” from last year,  adding some fresh ones to the mix. [Read more…]

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9 Humorous Holiday Hacks

The holidays are looming.

Some of you out there have already made your list, checked it twice and bought gifts for all those who have been naughty and nice. I know folks who have their holiday meals planned with grocery lists at the ready. Others have already began creating a magnificent Pinterest centerpiece with hopes that guests will talk about it for centuries to come.

If you fall into that category, more power to you sister. (You should invite us over for Christmas. I will bring a store-bought veggie tray. And maybe some Wal-Mart cupcakes.)

I like beautiful Christmas décor. I love eating delicious food. But girls, we are army wives. Managing Household 6 is enough without adding more hoopla to our holiday plate. Society’s Pinterest expectations can only be met when the army/kids/hubs are all in sync.

Around our house, sometimes the only things “in sync” are the dirty dishes. #SeeWhatIDidThere?

If you ever celebrate the holidays at our house and everything is magazine-ish-styled-gourmet-matchy-matchy, just assume my dormant craft/cooking skills blossomed after one too many cups of eggnog.

Perhaps you identify. If so, never fear.  I have found a way to work smarter instead of harder this holiday season.  All it takes is a bit of creativity, a great sense of humor and refined excuse-making skills.

Now presenting: 9 Humorous Holiday Hacks

 Holiday_Hacks1. “Arrrggghhh!! I am almost done wrapping these gifts but am four inches short of having enough paper. The stores are closed and I have to give this gift tomorrow.”
Hack: Use newspaper, old magazines, or even the kid’s used coloring book pages if you are desperate. If anyone questions your methods, simply say that you decided to “Go Green.”

 2.“I tried a new recipe and it tastes funky. It is still edible and safe for consumption (I think), but definitely tastes weird.”
Hack: Tell everyone that you wanted to “experiment” with a new type of eating like Vegan or Whole30. If you don’t want to risk them calling you out (“Wait, Paleo doesn’t use cheese and this thing is smothered in it!”) claim that you are trying to eat “healthier” or that the dish is a “tradition” passed down for 35 generations. If you are really feeling salty, invent a new type of cuisine on the spot. Do this by spelling your favorite holiday food backward and stating it is from your favorite country. “Yeah, this is called yekrut from Morocco.”

3. “I gave my sister a pair of blaze orange Crocs and it was just awkward.”
Hack: When a gift is not well-received, always have a sentimental story on standby. “Sis, don’t you remember when we went to the zoo as kids? You were wearing an orange blazer and your favorite animals were the crocodiles.”

Want to read the rest of the list? Pop on over to Army Wife Network to check it out.

What humorous holiday hacks would you add to the list? I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment.

Hang onto these hacks and before you know it, everyone will want to know your “secrets” for a stress-free, seamless holiday season. #IsItNewYearsYet?

Here’s to Holiday Humor,

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