Whole30: Weeks 4 & 5 (Month #1) Reflection

You know, after all this time of following Jesus, I really shouldn’t be so surprised with Him. But alas, He keeps rocking my world.

I have completed a full month of Whole30 lifestyle (again) and couldn’t be more pleased. Probably the greatest revelation I’ve had in the last couple weeks was this thought: “I am so freaking busy right now. WHY did I decide to do Whole30?!?!” Which was immediately followed by:“I’ve needed more energy, contentment and legit-Jesus attitude more in the last month than I have in a very long time. I don’t NOT have time to keep this up!”  [Read more…]

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When Jesus Makes You Queasy

This “following Jesus” thing can make us have, well, #AllTheFeels.

Warm and fuzzy. Confident. Peaceful. Hopeful. Comforted. Reassured.

All great feelings. But ya know, sometimes Jesus makes us feel a little bit queasy.

Like when he asks us to take a leap of faith and puts an idea on our heart that feels a little bit like it’s out of the back 40. (That’s the country girl in me talking there.)

Those moments are what I have titled as the emotion called “Thrillified.” That’s thrilled and terrified combined. [Read more…]

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Whole30: What to Expect (Part 2)

See, friends… I told you I wouldn’t leave you hanging! Read on for Part 2 of “What to Expect” when doing Whole30. (If you are just joining us, get caught up and read the Part 1 by clicking here.)

[Read more…]

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Whole30: What to Expect (Part 1)

One of the biggest challenges of starting something new, be it making a new friend, traveling to a new location or participating in a new sport, is the fear or anxiety associated with not knowing what to expect. (That, or with the latter example, the fear of objects flying at my face. I once split my lip open while playing ping-pong, but that’s a story for another day. #NeverSaidIWasGraceful)

So today, as I approach my start date of a new round of Whole60 (and for the first time have legit invited others to join me via Facebook group) I want to share a few points of “What to Expect” should you decide to join me on this journey.

(BTW: If you are just joining us, be sure to get the Whole30 Low-Down and Prep Tips.) [Read more…]

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Whole30: Prep & Getting Started

Easter is done, my Peeps. (Pun intended.) My new tiny human is 2 months old. So now my brain is (excitedly) shifting to getting in the swing of things with healthy eating choices, which for me, means doing a fresh round of Whole30 starting May 1st. (Actually, it will be a Whole60– at least. If you need to catch up on what it is, check out this post.)

In July of 2015, I did a Whole30. In 2016, I did Whole120 from January 1st to May 1st. And it revolutionized my life. Freed me from emotional eating. I had literally never felt physically/emotionally better in my entire life.  [Read more…]

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Faith Avenue Detour #EverydayJesus

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


A while back, I was going for a run on a very familiar trail. My feet tapped in rhythmic cadence around the Fort Lewis airfield. I was in the zone, when something up ahead caught my eye.

It was one of those bright hunter-orange road construction signs.

Now, one thing I have learned about running on a military post is that they are always doing some kind of construction somewhere. As a runner, I have to be extra alert to the changes on my path so I don’t get squashed by a bulldozer or cement truck.

Normally, a road construction sign wouldn’t have made me laugh out loud. But this one did. [Read more…]

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Our Own Set of Footprints

Hi friends… No Five Minute Friday post today, because my good friend Brandi is in town and this mama/writer/Jesus-lover wants a short breather. Plus, I want to honor Brandi while she is here. (My goal is to spend as little time on the computer this weekend as possible. Hoping for a recharge!) So please enjoy this little reminder about our footprints and how God moves us. 


You can tell a lot about someone’s footprints.

No, I don’t mean what type of shoes they wear or what size their feet are. Footprints can often tell us where someone’s been… and perhaps where they are going. [Read more…]

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Blowing Kisses

I believe that blowing kisses is one of the most adorable and simple (yet under utilized) acts of blessing, romance and love.

Think about it– when was the last time someone blew you a kiss? Was it your beloved spouse as you drove away on a trip? Or your child (or grandchild, niece, nephew, whoever) who did the audible, enthusiastic pucker blown kiss?

I just think the whole thing is kinda sweet.

But regardless of what earthly person is (or isn’t) blowing you sweet kisses… God blows us blessing kisses every single day. [Read more…]

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From Seed to Orchard

When I was growing up, I loved field trips.

I mean, what kid doesn’t? It was an excuse to get out of the classroom, explore something new, educational (ish) and exciting (ish.) Plus we got to pack a lunch in a classic paper bag or cool metal (or plastic) lunchbox.

Some of my favorite field trips were trips to local orchards.

It probably stemmed for my love of agriculture… and also my love of food. (Rarely did these trip ever not include free samples of juice, fruit, candy, etc.) Plus, orchards weren’t a super popular deal in Kansas– wheat and beef, yes. Orchards? Not so much. [Read more…]

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Welcome Little Patriot: IT’S A GIRL!

Ladies and Gentlemen… It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… (Well, at least a moment that my Beloved and I and our immediate friends/family have been waiting for…)

We are pleased to announce the birth of our first darling baby… [Read more…]

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