10,000 Reasons to be Grateful

If you have been with me here at 7 Days Time since we started more than five years ago, you will know that I have been working on a “little” project.

It was inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book, “One Thousand Gifts.” The premise was beautiful, yet simple: To train our hearts and minds to look for God’s small gifts in everything we do, everywhere we go.

So, in November 2011, I started my “Gift List.” The more small, everyday gifts I captured, the easier I was able to find the gifts in my life. It was like seeing Jesus in every nook and cranny of my daily life.  [Read more…]

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Hold On to Your Joy! #WilcoWednesday

7 Days Time

Welcome to Wilco Wednesday! If you are a new around these parts, “Wilco” is Army-speak for “Will Comply.” Think of it as saying “Roger, God. Got it. Will do.”  So that is what Wednesday here at 7 Days Time is all about– exploring his decrees and seeking guidance for what complying with Him looks like in everyday life. The best part? He loves us for who we are, not what we do.  Remember: He doesn’t want perfection, just obedience. Share. Enjoy. Interact. Welcome a very Godly, loving woman, my friend Bobbie. 

“Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart!”               ~Psalm 32:11

It is quite natural for us to be moved and influenced by what goes on around us.  When someone is sad, we want to be sensitive, compassionate and supportive.  We might naturally suppress our exuberance over something great going on in one’s own life.  If we learn that a friend’s lost item (wallet, phone, keys, military ID) is recovered, even if we are struggling with hard things, we freely enter into the joy of that person.  Paul says in Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.” [Read more…]

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My Joy Thermometer

Nearly three years ago, when my tiny human was born and subsequently made me into a Mama, I doubted my abilities in all things child-rearing.

How will I know what she needs? When does she need to eat again? How much tummy time is enough? Can you have too much tummy time? And the biggest one…

How will I know when she is sick!?!?

I had always admired moms who could take one look at a tiny to medium sized-human, raise their eyebrows, place their palm on the little human’s head and say, “Yep. Got a fever.”

I tried to adopt that same suave, confident attitude of fever diagnosis growing up, practicing on myself when I was under the weather and even other people (especially my little brother who is 12 years younger than me.)

But it was always fruitless. I couldn’t tell the difference between a normal-temped kid versus one that was two degrees this side of the sun.

The only fever I knew about was the one that needed more cowbell. #SNLreference [Read more…]

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Home is Where Jesus Calls You

Hi friends! I am taking a quick breather from creating new material on Wednesdays as I prep for an upcoming conference and lay some foundational leadership work with a one of my local organizations. I was digging through the archives and found this post worthy of a re-share. I pray you enjoy it! Thanks for the grace. 


You’ve probably heard your share of “homey” quotes…

“Home is where the heart is.” “Home Sweet Home.” “Home is where you hang your hat.” “There’s no place like home” (Wizard of Oz, what, what!)

Ah, home. It conjures up all sorts of apple-pie-wafting, couch-snuggling, T.G.I.F sitcom watching (does anybody else remember the T.G.I.F television programming?) images of joy. [Read more…]

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Thank you for your Son’s Breath…

You might have noticed that in this current season,  Wednesdays are my days to work toward some super-awesome God-sized dreams. So here is a blast from the past straight from the archives. Enjoy, dear friends… and thanks for the grace. 

Today I am re-sharing a pinnable pic just because. I pray is speaks to your heart. 

Oh. And Merry Christmas, you dear ones! 





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Linking up today with my sweet friend Kristin over at Three-word Wednesday and having a little Coffee for your Heart with Holley.  

PS: No #EverydayJesus link up this week. Merry Christmas, friends!

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From Unraveling to Reveling (#EverydayJesus)

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


Some days as a minister, mama and wife, I feel like I am unraveling. Falling to pieces. Tearing apart at the seams.


Photo via Quinn Anya@ Flickr

My nerves are shot, I am weary, and my patience was gone with the breakfast tantrum.

In those moments of unraveling is when I need Jesus the most.

Because through Him, His love, His power… He can transform us. We can go from unraveling with frustration to reveling in everything He is doing around us.

Talk about a perspective shifter of heavenly proportions! [Read more…]

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Building a Christ-Like Marriage: Our Source of Happiness

Christlike marriage

If you ask most people what the happiest day of their life was, I am willing to bet a majority will answer:

1. The day our kid(s) was born.


2. The day we got married.

How sweet. How romantic. How dangerous.  [Read more…]

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21 Truths: God Gives Joy (#EverydayJesus)

I have loved music for as long as I can remember.

Growing up, my sister and I would spend time playing in the basement listening to old school records while Mom sewed. At night, we would pop in one of those nifty little yellow children’s cassette tapes and listen to tunes about coming around the mountain when she comes (whoever she was), Michael rowing his boat ashore and the like.

But now, over two decades (decades!?!) later, there is one song that still sticks in my head… And heart. [Read more…]

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Faith & Feelings: Happiness

Quick! Think fast. When was the last time you were really, truly HAPPY?

Got it? I hope that you mentioned a time within the last week or so.

If not, we have got some work to do, be it perspective shifting or some heart encouragement. Heads up to those who are just now joining us… we are currently in the middle of a series looking at how our faith and feelings interact, as well as how Jesus did (or didn’t) experience those emotions. [Read more…]

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Thank you for your Son’s Breath…

Merry Christmas, Friends.



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