Oh “BOY”~ What a Birth Story!!

Hello, dear readers! Good news… I’m still kicking.

If you aren’t on Facebook, you were probably curious as to where I’ve been the past few weeks. Well, as you can imagine, that baby I was blogging about FINALLY came out.

And BOY oh BOY! What a birth story it was!!! We are deviating a bit from our normal “faith” focused content today because I want to capture the details of how this new Tiny Human decided to make his appearance into the world before all the details ride off into the sunset of my sleep deprived mind. (And yes… It was a BOY!!! EEEE!!! But more on that momentarily.) [Read more…]

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Get Real with all things False

Yesterday was quite the “special” day.

Notice how I put “special” in quotes… Because that is my 38-week pregnancy sarcasm shining through.

Now, this isn’t a pregnancy blog by a long shot, but that IS my current season of life. And as we have established over the last few years, God has a way of speaking to us in our everyday moments– the good, the bad, and the painful.

Long story probably still long: Yesterday, we spent some quality time in the hospital, per midwife’s orders, because I was having legit, organized, consistent and painful contractions.

We are talking like several consistent hours of contractions, 3-4 minutes apart and 90+ seconds in duration.

It totally looked like the real deal… We were excited (and sort of relieved) that Baby-go-time was potentially up on us. The bags were in the car, we were ready to make things happen.  [Read more…]

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