When God Tells you to Jump in a Lake #EverydayJesus

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I knew when I started out, this wasn’t going to end the way I expected.

A few weeks ago, I went for a run. It was the perfect temperature– 52 degrees, 9am in the morning at the tail of our lovely Pacific Northwest summer.  It was SUPPOSED to be a long run, one of my longest to date.

However, about ten days prior I caught a cold. Which, as a former asthmatic, has a tendency to make a pit stop in my lungs.

My “normal” life taskings were doing ok and I was feeling mostly fine, but something about my need to use my lungs to run any distance at all, let along long distance, was going to pose an issue.

I was about one mile in when I knew for sure that my run was just not going to happen the way I planned. [Read more…]

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Courageous Faith: Grace

As I sit here and type this post, I have a little one-dollar metal sign propped on the left hand side of my roll top desk.

It says, “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”

I have been in possession of this sign for probably close to a decade. I acquired it before I was hardcore following Jesus in the days when I lived and breathed on achieving. It was all about me and what I was doing.

It is probably no secret that I was borderline perfectionistic.

But as I started walking closer with Christ over six years ago (for real this time) He began to reveal the major flaw in my quest for perfection.

Perfection leaves no room for grace.  [Read more…]

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Carded by Christ

I use it everywhere.

At the grocery store. Getting gas. Picking up my kiddo from daycare. Driving to my house. Going to the doctor. Paying my bills. Snagging that new bargain at our thrift store. Checking out a library book.

My military spouse ID is nearly the key to my very existence (or at least productivity) in my day-to-day function as an army wife. [Read more…]

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Holding tight to Slimy Toddlers & Peace

My two-year-old daughter loves to play games. And unfortunately for this mama-with-places-to-be-at-a-certain-time, that game is not something calm, cooperative and peaceful.

My girl loves to be chased.

I blame her Daddy. Because yeah, it is super fun to play “Chase around the table in our pajamas” when we have nowhere to be on a Saturday morning. Her peals of laughter make it almost worth it.

Almost. [Read more…]

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Practicing What We Preach: The Final Lesson

When I was in college, I both loved and loathed finals week.

I loved it because it signaled the end of a semester… which equaled a much anticipated BREAK.

I loathed it because, well… Finals. Duh. #NoPressure

I loved it because other than studying, we had lots of free time to goof around.

I loathed it because at some point, I needed to quit goofing around and get busy with a last-minute learning push.

I loved it because it nearly always involved sweets, treats and delicious food.

I loathed it because of that same reason– and my pants were angry when my waistline *surprisingly* got tighter.

And so friends, today is our final lesson in practicing what we preach when it comes to being like Jesus in our Everyday.  [Read more…]

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Embrace the Grace #EverydayJesus Link-up

Welcome to another week of our Everyday Jesus link-up. Be sure to link-up below this post, comment on your neighbor’s blog and share with your friends… Because Jesus is everywhere, every day! 


Long story short:

I hold many different roles in life: wife, mama, minister, friend, aspiring runner, etc.

I am also what many might deem an “overachiever.” (I have talked about why it is ok just to ‘chieve before.)

But you put those roles and my personality together… And it can be a rather dangerous combination.

Not just for our sanity and schedule, but also for my personal relationship with God.

Check out today’s video blog to see how God spoke to me in one of my alleged “failures.” [Read more…]

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Practicing What We Preach: Gratitude

There are a lot of reasons that I love my husband.

He loves Jesus, he is funny, kind, generous, a hard worker… and honest.

Although that last one sometimes finds me less than thrilled.

I don’t mind (too much) when he responds to my question of whether he liked a new recipe as “It was OK.” I don’t get too wound up when he admits (with no remorse) that yes, he left the wet towel on the floor.

However, I tend to semi-loathe his honesty when he takes on the role of wife-caller-outer. [Read more…]

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Practicing What We Preach: Forgiveness

We all have to deal with it.

Releasing it brings freedom, only good things come from experiencing it, but sometimes we refuse to submit and we cling to it like a two-year-old hoarding a piece of candy.

Forgiveness. I have forgotten the number of times I have unofficially coached people to dig deep and forgive someone.

Here at 7 Days Time, it has been quite the topic for discussion. We have an entire page in our Scripture Library dedicated to forgiveness. We have multiple blogs about forgiving ourselves, finding the faith to forgive, and even forgiving in the little, tiny, everyday moments.

Funny thing is, as much as I preach it and write about it, God still places this forgiveness issue on my own heart. [Read more…]

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Practicing what we Preach: Submission & Obedience

Since becoming a parent, I have learned a lot.

And I don’t mean about how to keep a tiny human alive and moderately happy.

I mean about faith.

And by faith, I mean submission and obedience to God.

Which brings us to this week’s message on practicing what we preach.  [Read more…]

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A Walk Through the Parables: The Samaritan

As an army family, being “neighborly” can be something of an awkward situation.

It is no secret when a family moves in or out of the neighborhood. The massive amounts of flying cardboard and huge semi trucks loading up thousands of pounds of personal belongings kind of give it away.

Being neighborly on post is not an easy task. Most of the time, folks keep pretty much to themselves. I am sure it is because they (ok we) are all busy and the effort it takes to build a relationship when they are probably moving to a new duty station in the next 12 seconds is, well, a lot of work.

But we try to be good neighbors. We really do. Sometimes it is well received, other times they just eat our “Welcome to the neighborhood” chicken dinner and we never hear from them again. (And they may or may not keep the Tupperware containers we served it in.)

Here’s the deal: We don’t have to be in the army to be neighborly. Heck, we don’t even have to be neighborly to only those in our neighborhood.  [Read more…]

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