The Prayer Closet

If you have ever lived with someone else, you know what it is to share space.

Growing up, perhaps it was a sibling. (Mom! She is on MY SIDE of the car! Her toys are in MY part of the room! She is breathing MY air!) 

During our young-ish adult years, perhaps it was a roommate. And perhaps said roommate was such a space invader that a duct tape line had to be placed on the carpet and any stray items that crossed the line were fair game for the trash can. #AskMeHowIKnow

Then maybe it was marriage. Lord in heaven– why does my beloved ALWAYS lay his wet towel out to dry on my half of the bed?

Now? Kids. Space to myself has reached a new level of precious. No longer is taking a bath solo any time of day an option. It is a strategically calculated action of relaxation. And don’t even get me started on actually going to the bathroom alone.

So yeah. A place for legit space can be a high commodity in this world of all things family– especially as we follow Jesus.  [Read more…]

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Do Not Call List

You might have noticed that in this current season,  Wednesdays are my days to work toward some super-awesome God-sized dreams. So here is a blast from the past straight from the archives. Enjoy, dear friends… and thanks for the grace. 


Beep, beep.

“Oh, hang on, just a second, I’ve got another call coming in… It’s a number I don’t recognize, I better take this.”

I am thankful that we live in a era of caller ID. However, it is completely against my army wife heart to ever ignore calls from “unknown numbers” or a random call from someone other than in my phonebook… especially when my beloved and I are separated by duty. I never know what time of day he might call, on what line and what the number looks might look like. [Read more…]

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Video Blog: Pray Scared

Being scared is not on my top 10 list of fun things to do.

Actually, I don’t think it makes the top 1000.

But encountering fearful situations are part of our existence and how we handle them can say a lot about our relationship with God. Plus, it is a great opportunity to grow closer to Him in Christ.

Which is what today’s video blog is all about… Having the courage to pray scared.

Reading via email? Click here —> Pray Scared Video blog to view the clip

Where in your life do you need to pray scared? How do you think God wants to grow you in those situations? You know I always welcome feedback. Leave a comment before you go.

Don’t fear, my friends… God is with you as you grow. Have the courage to pray scared.

Praying Scared with Faith,

Initials Signature Blog

 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” ~2 Timothy 1:7 NIV

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Everyday Jesus: A Comfort Zone Emergency…

I love hanging out/talking to/learning from authentic folks who have eyes (and a heart!) for Christ. My dear friend Meghan is one of those awesome folks– and she sure has a great and powerful story to share with you via today’s edition of Everyday Jesus. Hope you are ready for this, because it sure moved me in more ways than one! 

Moved by His Majestic Love, 

PS: Be sure to share the love with Meghan by leaving your feedback and comments below.


Have you noticed that God is never really too concerned with leaving us where we feel comfortable? Nope. He’s just not concerned about that at all.

Throughout the Bible, God is shown stretching His people, calling them out of their places of comfort, calling them to be bold and to walk out into the unknown for His purposes. Our God called Abraham away from his home, asked Moses (a man with a speech impediment) to be a very vocal leader, and had the Israelites wander in the desert for 40 years. He called shepherds to be kings, called men to walk on water, and still calls his followers to trust in Him daily. [Read more…]

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You just gotta ask yourself…

Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself: “How can I BEST represent Jesus in this situation?”

Kinda sounds like the old WWJD trend, right? (Who has a bracelet? You know what I’m talking about.)

But seriously– we sometimes find ourselves in super sticky situations that really seems to have no productive solution. I found myself in that very place a couple of weeks ago. I was genuinely stumped and my heart was torn.

Fortunately for me, it was prayer week at church. [Read more…]

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Open for business 24/7

Sometimes you just can’t help but appreciate the businesses that are open 24/7.

I mean seriously– just think about it… The places that are open round-the-clock are usually those businesses that are most important or that we have to use in emergencies. Hospitals, fire stations, police/law enforcement, some gas stations, some pharmacies (like Walgreens) and even Wal-Mart and Waffle House. (Granted, Wal-Mart and Waffle House might not be needed in emergency situations– but it’s still super convenient!)

I can’t help but be thankful not only for these modern-day services and conveniences– but also am so grateful that our God is a 24/7 kind of dude. [Read more…]

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The Power of One Word: 2013

Believe it or not, one word can make quite a difference in a conversation, in a blog post, and yes, even in a life.

I participated in the “One Word” challenge for the first time in 2012. For the entire 12 months, God helped me to learn, grow and be shaped around the word “Dependence.”

Now that 2013 is upon us (Happy New Year, by the way!) it is time for a new challenge.

I’ve been praying for the last month or so for my new word… And today is the big reveal… READY?

Drum roll please… [Read more…]

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Ideas Wanted: Factor of 7

Readers… we need your help.

Remember the acts of kindness movement we do here at 7 Days Time called Factor of 7? You know, the whole thing about us randomly sharing Jesus’ love in unique and unexpected ways? Well, 2012 has been an awesome year of giving, loving and praying… but 2013 is sneaking up on us! We would love your ideas and input for any creative ideas for 2013 Factor of 7 movements.

Heaven is the limit. (Literally.) Anything goes. Maybe it’s something you’ve heard of, thought about, dreamt of, or experienced yourself.  Get creative. Leave your suggestions by commenting below. [Read more…]

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Be “PrePRAYERed”

Life happens. (Profound statement, right? Or not.)

You know what I’m talking about. The life “stuff” that is good,  meh and “Are-you-kidding-me?!!”

It all happens. But really… our daily circumstances are neutral. Our reaction to them actually determines which category they fall into.

So today’s question: On a scale of one to ten– how much are you prepared to handle?

Believe it or not, we can all be closer to ten if we are truly prePRAYERed. [Read more…]

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How to Deal: “Rug Rippers”

We’ve all been there. We finally feel like we’ve gotten our balance. We are walking on solid ground. Things might not be going absolutely grandiose perfecto, but they are going. We take what we can get and relish the stability. When suddenly…

WHOMP!!!  Someone (or something) rips the rug right out from underneath us.

Yep. We all have ’em in our lives. Those dreaded people/things that knock us completely off-balance and throw things out of whack.

I “fondly” call them the “rug-ripper-outters-from-underneath-us-ow-that-hurts.” That’s kind of a long name to refer back to in a blog post, so for the purposes of this post, I will refer to those people/events/things as “Rug Rippers” aka R-squared for short. [Read more…]

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