That Empty Chair at the Table (Army Wife Network)

I’ve been an army wife for what my husband commonly refers to as “a hot minute.” You would think that after all this time, I would stop being surprised at #AllTheThings that come with army wife life.

But nope. Experiences like random TDYs, changes to our no-plan-plan, promotions, future duty stations… It almost always catches me a little bit off guard. (I have grown significantly in my ability to be flexible…)

There is one aspect of the military wife life that I’ve experienced over and over again, but yet it still surprises me every.single. time. It typically occurs at the military ball. [Read more…]

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No Comma Included: “One Nation Under God”

It’s been ten years. 

I was sitting in freshmen English class at Crest High School in Colony, KS. One of my classmates, KC, was tardy from school that day. Suddenly he came barreling through the doors saying that the reason he was late was because he stayed home watching the news about some planes crashing into buildings in New York City. A few moments later the teachers got word of the attacks and clicked on the cable in various classrooms. Is this really happening? [Read more…]

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