21 Truths: God is Strong

God is Strong

I have always been a pretty independent gal and prided myself on being “strong.”

For many people, strong might have several different definitions. Although I have never been athletic, I always tried to  do my fair share of the farm work growing up. Fifty pound feed sack over my shoulder? No big deal. Hoisting a heavy western saddle way over my head to saddle the horse? Not pretty, but I managed.

I always wanted to be the “strong one,” both physically and emotionally.

But it didn’t always work out like that. [Read more...]

Finishing Strong

When the going gets tough... The tough get Jesus. (And perhaps create an elementary school-type paper countdown chain, complete with a Bible verse for each day left on the trail as a drill sergeant.)

I personally believe that there is no other feeling in the world than accomplishing a huge goal and finishing strong.

Think about it…

When you cross the finish line of a race after weeks (or months!) of training… When you hit SUBMIT on that last paper for a really tough class… When you walk across the stage and receive that diploma that has been years in the making… When after 9 months, that little baby is finally laid in your arms for the first time…

Yep. There’s no other feeling in the world. [Read more...]

A Patriotic Reveal

Today’s blog post is brought to you by little green army men, our pup Sweet Justus and a fun sense-of-humor-laden family project…

[Read more...]

Heavy Lifting

“Ready? Go!! Come on, lift with your legs, not with your back. A little to the left… Watch the corner… Your end needs to swing my way… WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!” 

Moving a couch is a lot of work. I personally have moved many times over the years and moving the couch is oftentimes one of the most logistically challenging parts of the experience. (It ranks right up with there with “Gee, I hope I packed those fragile dishes good enough.”) [Read more...]

Pumping Iron with Jesus


“Ninety-eight…ninety-nine… one-hundred!”

Oh hey. Didn’t see you there. Sorry, I was just working out… you know, pumping some iron, getting in shape. (Does that sound a little too much like Will Ferrell in Anchorman?)

Obviously, I am not pumping iron… but instead am clicking keys. At a pretty rapid pace, I might add. But I didn’t get to this typing speed overnight. [Read more...]

A Flower in Your Hair

Yellow Flower clippy

All right… Whoever thought up this concept of Daylight Savings time OBVIOUSLY did not work in ministry. Otherwise, they would have picked to either A) Not mess with the timing of our days or 2) Do the time change on a Friday night.

When you work on Sunday, Daylight Savings Time seems to be ANYTHING but a blessing.

But I’m not bitter. Seriously. It’s fine. Because I work for Jesus– the paycheck is better and the job is way more stable than anything the government can give me.

Now that I have THAT off my chest… [Read more...]