When Jesus Makes You Queasy

This “following Jesus” thing can make us have, well, #AllTheFeels.

Warm and fuzzy. Confident. Peaceful. Hopeful. Comforted. Reassured.

All great feelings. But ya know, sometimes Jesus makes us feel a little bit queasy.

Like when he asks us to take a leap of faith and puts an idea on our heart that feels a little bit like it’s out of the back 40. (That’s the country girl in me talking there.)

Those moments are what I have titled as the emotion called “Thrillified.” That’s thrilled and terrified combined. [Read more…]

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God, Encouragement & Fancy Coffee (Video Blog)

God is so sneaky. He throws the best surprise parties, even in our everyday lives.

He cheers us up and cheers us on.

On today’s video blog, I share just how God surprised me and pretty much made my day… With a simple cup of fancy coffee. [Read more…]

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One Word 2014: GROW

Ah, friends.

I am super-dee-dang-o-dee-duper excited to write this post today. (Seriously, I am. That’s not computer sarcasm.)

This post has been several weeks in the making, primarily because I have been praying about my One Word for this new year all that time.

And today is the big reveal. After much prayer and research, I excitedly announce my One Word for 2014 is… [Read more…]

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Remodel coming your way!

Hi friends… Sorry to disappoint, but there’s no Five Minute Friday post today.

HOWEVER… I did want to share with you some super cool news.

The reason I am not cranking out new fresh posts at the moment is because 1) I am at home with family in KS and 2) I am working overtime transferring these 441 previous blog posts to my NEW website. (I want to allow PLENTY of time for this major chunk of the project, since I don’t really know what I am doing and I don’t want to “miss” any fresh posts not getting transferred to the new site.) [Read more…]

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Everyday Jesus: The “Bread” of Life

Welcome to another glorious guest post in our Everyday Jesus series! This week, my friend Christy shares a very cool and powerful God-encounter with us about how a simple stop at a restaurant was part of a much bigger encounter with Christ. Here’s to Him being our Bread of Life! Show dear Christy some love both here and over at her place 🙂 

Rejoicing Daily, 


As a churchgoer, I was always taught to “pray without ceasing,” but I can’t say that I honestly understood that phrase until a few years ago. More or less, I began to understand that if I was in constant communication with God, and I listened for His answers to prayer, instead of just giving Him my list of needs, The Spirit would guide me throughout my day and, in a sense, He would speak to me. [Read more…]

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Factor of 7: Jaw-Dropping Jesus Moment

Ever have a moment that catches you so off guard that your jaw just drops open automatically?

I have. Several times actually. It can be a result of some shocking information (“So-and-so is getting married!” or “Jim Bob down the road wrecked his truck because he hit a cow—but don’t worry, he’s ok.”) Perhaps it’s from someone jumping out from around the corner trying to startle someone. (which the jaw-drop is quickly followed by a thwack from me to the alleged scarer.)  Sometimes I don’t even know my mouth is gaping open with surprise til someone awkwardly tells me to pick my jaw up off the floor and close my mouth. (Such a proud moment. Sigh.)

A few days ago, my beloved husband and I had a pretty intense jaw-dropping moment… brought to us by Jesus Himself. Here’s what went down… [Read more…]

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