The Green Dream (And How To Tame It)

I think most of us have a certain “color” we just look good in. You know what I am talking about. That color that just makes our eyes pop, our hair gleam, our hips look like we didn’t eat that entire bag of Dove chocolate in the bathtub last night.

And no, it isn’t black.

My color is green. This revelation was rather odd to me, because green really isn’t my favorite color. (Infantry blue, baby! #America)

But for some odd reason, green just works on me.

And right now, we are in a season of spring. Things are fresh. New. Blossoming. Green.

Unfortunately, my favorite shirt, husbands ACU’s  and grass in the backyard aren’t the only things that are green in my life.

Sometimes, my attitude is a bit green.

Yes, for all of our mothers out there– the “Green-eyed monster” still lives. Especially in the harder seasons of army wife life.

Green DreamOnly now that green-eyed monster of envy and jealously from childhood has morphed into our green dream. And it always rears its ugly, olive-drab head at the most inopportune time.

Want to read more about my issues with “green dreams?” Hop on over to Army Wife Network to experience my very “colorful” struggles.

As things “green” up this spring, what changes do you feel called to make to tame that green dream of envy? How can you continually see the good in your calling in army-wife life? What do you love most about it? Chime in and leave a comment.

I challenge us to do some “spring cleaning” of our own this year. Don’t worry (too much) about that cluttered closet. Instead, let’s take a close look at our heart. Our attitude. Our dreams.

Tame the green dream– and rejoice in this ever-blossoming experience that is loving our MAN in green.

From Green to Redeemed,

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“Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless—like chasing the wind.” ~Ecclesiastes 4:4 NLT

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  1. Hi there!

    Funny how you say to declutter our heart instead of our homes. That reminds me of when I felt unsettled and began this big effort to clear out unwanted things in my home, when God was really calling me to deal with excess junk on the inside. And you are right, that type of decluttering is always more fruitful. 🙂

    Selena (from One Word Wednesday)
    Selena Campbell recently posted…Let’s Be Real {Three Word Wednesday}My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing your affirming revelation, Selena. So grateful this spoke to you. Have fun “cleaning house!”

  2. A long time ago, I had a favorite green dress, and wore it a LOT. One day my husband asked me to get rid of it as he hates green. so I did. For years I shunned green. Recently I realized that I love certain shades of green, especially dark forest green, and began to add to my wardrobe with that color. Hubby no longer objects to green as long as I also wear blue or purple. Thanks for reminding us of that green eyed monster Envy, and sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.
    Hazel Moon recently posted…Jesus Christ is the SameMy Profile

    • What an interesting recount, Hazel! I don’t wear a ton of green much these days– especially in my attitude (at least I try not to…)

  3. I think having a thankful heart overcomes envy and just about everything! My color is pink. Funny, I was just visiting the kids and holding the baby, whom at 1 seems enthralled with my dark pink nail polish. My daughter teased, yeah, I’ve seen those pink nails all my life, get use to it baby! Bless you, Sharita!
    saleslady371 recently posted…Snippits From My Israel JournalMy Profile

    • Oh yes, a thankful heart totally helps (although seems rather elusive on the hard days, right?) So fun that your color is pink and that the little one was drawn to it. I call that baby affirmation 🙂

  4. Thanks Sharita, I am writing a post about my green dress and will mention you and this post.
    Hazel Moon recently posted…Let MY Words Abide IN YOU – guest Kent SimpsonMy Profile

  5. I really like thinking about colors. So now that’s what I’m doing. Perhaps there’s a blog post of my own to come from this. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at #ThreeWordWednesday.
    Kristin Hill Taylor recently posted…Three Word Wednesday :: Dwell on GodMy Profile