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Public speaking. People fear it more than death. (Seriously. It’s people’s #1 fear. Death is #2.)

But not for this gal. Honestly, I LOVE speaking to groups, and I’m not really worried about death ‘cuz I know where I’m going. (I digress.) Speaking thrills my heart and it’s always super cool to see how God moves. (Sidenote: If you are curious as to my speaking style, check out my vlogs ¬†or my sample videos.)

If you have something specific that God has already placed on your heart as far as a speaking topic, let me know. Typically, I leave some “Holy Spirit wiggle room” as I am praying through a message, because let’s be honest… People need to hear what HE has to say much more than what I have to say. (See below for some topic ideas…)

If you looking for a speaker for your next event, banquet, leadership conference or retreat,  complete the speaking inquiry form below. I look forward to working with you!

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Delivering a sermon at Pioneer United Methodist Church in Rock Valley, IA. October 2012 (and yes, I’m 5 months pregnant)

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